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Minor rant

I know I can just take Elizabeth Zimmerman and design a sweater using one that fits (not that any of them do anymore, but I digress). I know I can figure out how to modify sweaters so they work for me.

And I recognize that the laws of modesty I follow are far from universal. My sleeves cover my elbows, my skirts cover my knees, my necklines cover my collar bones. My blouses cover my midsection. Nothing is tight on purpose. I wear a sleeveless t-shirt under my white blouse to prevent show-through. I do not wear trousers. I also cover my hair, but that’s not relevent to this.

I modify recipes all the time – I know how. Often the subsitutions are obvious – margarine/oil for butter, vegetarian broth or bullion for chicken stock, dark meat turkey or chicken for pork. Sometimes, I might need to modify a technique, but that’s not often. It’s easy. It’s instinctive, almost.

It’s not so easy to modify a pattern. And I’m wondering if maybe I’m not alone in this. I don’t expect everyone to be as strict as I am, but surely there are other women out there who don’t want to wear a t-shirt with their sweaters, or expose their upper arms to all comers. Also, aren’t there other women out there who are more apples or pears than hourglasses – whose weight has settled in the middle, not uptop, or down bottom? Even if I wanted to show off my bosum, I have no bosum to show. 44B. And probably smaller now. I look best in shaped tunics and lowered waistlines – my current best suit jacket almost reaches my knees.

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  1. September 12, 2006 at 9:56 am

    You are definitely not alone, and this is really the same problem women have faced with fasion in general. It is so strange how designers and manufacturers seem to live in a very secluded world. If they would take a break now and then and just walk out on the street and LOOK around and really NOTICE the people in front of them … maybe take notes and use a little math … they would realize what a small percentage of people can comfortably wear the clothes they make.

    I feel your pain.


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