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Bullet Journal: New Weekly Layout

July 10, 2018 2 comments

There’s such a thing as planner funk. You get bored with your current system, even if it’s working well for you. You don’t want to open your journal. And if you’re a bullet journal user, you don’t want to draw the same thing. Even tweaking doesn’t help.

I wasn’t quite in that stage but I could feel it starting.

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Bullet Journal: Medical Info Collection

June 26, 2018 Leave a comment

Some of us have simple medical needs. We may not need more than a Primary Care Physician, a dentist and maybe one or two others. We don’t need to take prescription meds, either.

I’m very, very jealous. And, compared to many people, I’m still pretty well-off.

Others of us have multiple physicians and prescriptions that fill large organizers.

But, simple or complex, this particular collection is very useful.

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Bullet Journal: Morning Routine Anniversary

June 21, 2018 Leave a comment

About a year ago, I decided to change my mornings to build a routine that would see me less rushed for work and better prepared.

I’m still doing it.

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Bullet Journal: Travel List

May 30, 2018 Leave a comment

My husband and I are science fiction fans. Not only are we avid consumers of sf books, movies and tv, we also attend and sometimes even run sf conventions.

In our case, that means *fan run* weekend events where the celebrities are writers, editors, artists and other fans, or, on a much smaller scale, cons focusing on filk, the music of sf fandom. Comic Cons and other professionally run cons have a definite place in fandom, but they’re not for us.

We went to a convention this past Memorial Day weekend.

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Bullet Journal: Interruptions

May 22, 2018 Leave a comment

We start our bullet journals and our blogs with the best of intentions. We will plan each night, we will strike off everything we’ve done, we will fill in our habit trackers, and we will write a blog post every week.


I have clearly fallen behind on that last. I’ve also not been totally thorough with either my bullet journal, or my personal one. Last week was especially difficult.

Things happened. I had a three day holiday looming and all but unplanned. Current events were horrible. Even Mother’s Day is difficult.

And then the three day holiday happened. Shabbat is Shabbat, and holidays are barely less strict – we can cook with certain restrictions and we can carry more places with certain restrictions.

This ended 9PM Monday. I’m tired. I did get the holiday planned and I was helped by lunch invitations, but it’s still a lot, and a lot of blank days.

For someone else, it could be travel or illness, or personal tragedy, or maybe just too much life. Even if it’s something you planned, it might take up time or energy you can’t spare for anything else.

With a blog, you just pick up. It’s the same thing with a bullet journal. You just pick up again where you left off. Don’t worry about skipped dailies, if you do dailies, or enough weekly boxes. Even if you have a sparsely filled habit tracker.

The important thing is to go on. Tweak if you must, or want, concentrate on different things in your journal if you feel the need or desire, but don’t give up.

Bullet Journal: Perfectionism

May 8, 2018 Leave a comment

One of the things many people in the planner world talk about is perfectionism. The stickers must be just so, the lines perfectly straight, the lettering impeccable. For some, a mistake on a planner page, whether it’s preprinted or a bullet journal, will always stand out and make that page difficult.

I’m going to make something clear. I am not necessarily talking about OCD, although someone with OCD may feel that way, too. Perfectionism can be and often is its own thing.

Nor is it always a bad thing. If a drive to perfection leads one to practice and improve to reach a certain standard or make a certain goal, or provides focus in what one is doing, it can be a good thing.

When it itself becomes not just a goal, but a requirement, then it might be an issue.

I can’t be a perfectionist. I have less than optimal small muscle control, and my current trigger fingers don’t help. This means I can practice lettering all I want, which is something I enjoy, and it won’t make my handwriting better.

There’s a reason my Instagram name is messybujo1105. If I were worried about being perfect, I’d never do a anything, and I refuse to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

If you feel differently, that’s fine. That’s wonderful. You’ll be organized and produce a work of art, too. It may be your best motivation.

I’ve seen enough that I know it’s more than possible. Just not for me, and maybe not for people just starting out, or who have disabilities or don’t care.

Here’s a spread I made last week

Weekly spread in pink and blue. Header has a crossed out pink blob before the date.

Messy Weekly

I nearly wrote May instead of April. I scribbled over the M and went on. I drew all my boxes before doing any lettering and I didn’t want to do it again. And, honestly, I never noticed it afterwards. It’s a gift.

I also made a more serious mistake. My normal monthly setup is a cover page, a month on two pages, and then a habit tracker, and maybe a monthly task list. Then I do my weekly spreads.

This month, for whatever reason, I started my first weekly right after the monthly spread. I didn’t want to to either over or waste paper.

So this month, my habit tracker is after my first weekly spread, with a little sticky tab so I can go there even after I move the weekly tab.

Habit tracker in landscape, some pink squares filled in. Three visible tabs labeled, from right to left, weekly, future log and habit tracker.

Habit Tracker

See the small red tab on the left? Solved the mistake, no need for do-overs.

There’s a different problem in my current weekly spread.

Weekly spread in blue and pink. Two rows of three boxes on top, two boxes on the bottom.

Current weekly

All six of those boxes on top are supposed to be 9 grids wide by 10 high. The lower row are only 9 high. It’s a small enough error that I didn’t notice right away, and it doesn’t change all that much. Definitely not work redoing the page. But this I will notice.

Mistakes happen. We’re human. And we all have different levels of tolerance. Nothing wrong with low levels, either. The point is, make a journal that makes you happy, make it as beautiful as you need it to be, and don’t worry if you don’t need to be so perfect. Or if you do.

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Bullet Journal: April Flip-through

April 24, 2018 Leave a comment

April was a very busy month, with half my planning days (Sunday) busy with holiday needs or other issues. I decided to wait until it was nearly done to show my spreads.

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