Bulletjournaling, Messy and all

June 18, 2017 2 comments

It’s been around for a few years, but all of a sudden, it looks like everyone is doing it. They’re filling Pinterest and Instagram with photographs of elegant or exuberant pages filled with perfect handwriting and calligraphy, museum quality doodles and yards of washi tape. But they say they’re using it to keep their obviously well-organized lives organized as well as their stationery stash. Not that any of this is a problem, you understand. It’s called bulletjournaling, or bujo, and it really has made a difference in my life.

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Veggie Box Week 5 Day 2

September 10, 2015 1 comment

Very simple tonight. Fresh trout fillet, corn on the cob and snow peas, plus a salad of romaine and red onion. I also made a new bottle of vinaigrette. I don’t really like salad dressing, but my husband does.

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Veggie Box Week 5 Day 1

September 9, 2015 Leave a comment

Yes, started a day late. Labor Day happened, and I still had broccoli and half an onion yesterday. Read more…

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Veggie Box Week 4 Day 6

September 6, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve been quiet because dinner Wednesday was out, and dinner Thursday was leftovers + salad. Dinner Friday was London broil, sweet potato and artichoke.  Lunch on Shabbat was sliced cold London broil on salad with spicy olives.

Tonight was a skillet dinner of homefries cooked with chicken salami (a mistake) cut in long chunks, and eggs. This used up the potatoes. And, of course, salad. I still have a head of broccoli left.

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Veggie Box Week 4

September 1, 2015 Leave a comment

No picture. I’m sorry.

Two Spanish onions. One red onion. 4 red potatoes. 1 sweet potato. 4 peaches (end of season) 2 romaine lettuces. 2 artichokes. 1 broccoli. 1 red pepper. 1 box sliced mushrooms.

Dinner – baked ziti. One onion, the pepper, the mushrooms, tomato paste, garlic, spices, balsamic vinegar. Whole wheat penne. Low fat ricotta cheese. Fresh mozzarella.

Sauteed vegetables and spices. Added vinegar (a splash) and tomatoes. When cooked, mixed with uncooked pasta and ricotta cheese. Topped with sliced mozzarella. Baked at 350. Serve with salad.

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Veggie Box Week 3 Day 7

August 31, 2015 Leave a comment

Shabbos went as planned, and we had burgers out Sunday night.

Tonight, I made a beef stir fry with ginger I’d frozen a few weeks ago (I sliced it thinly first, so I wouldn’t have to thaw it. Just chop it coarsely.), half a Spanish onion, the garlic I keep on hand,  3/4 lb of carrots, sliced on that bias, frozen broccoli and “sandwich steaks,” cubed.

I served it over brown rice. Box is finished. New one tomorrow.

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Veggie Box Week 3 Day 4 (Shabbat)

August 28, 2015 Leave a comment

Shabbat dinner is roast chicken, baked red skin potatoes and steamed brussels sprouts, plus salad. Most people have several courses – gefilte fish, soup, main, dessert – but that’s never been our thing.

Tomorrow, which promises to be beautiful in NYC, Shabbos lunch will be salad – mix of romaine and iceberg, onion, red pepper, tomato, julienned carrots, shredded chicken and cubed baked potato, with vinaigrette.

I’ll be left with part of the lettuce, part of an onion and some carrots. Maybe part of the red pepper.

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