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Bullet Journal: Passover Planning

March 5, 2018 Leave a comment

The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, id easily the most complex one on the Jewish calendar. It can take weeks of preparation and days of cooking, with four holidays with possibly an extra Shabbat plus intermediate days all with additional food restrictions over and above kashrut. It takes PLANNING.

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Bullet Journal: Meal Planning

November 19, 2017 5 comments

One of the most common things you’ll see on both bullet journals and preprinted planners are meal plan spaces. And they seem to be unused, even though people really want to use them.

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Yom Tov Planning in the Bullet Journal

September 14, 2017 Leave a comment

The Jewish holiday season starts in a week. That means long hours in synagogue, building and decorating sukkot, buying lulav and etrog sets, and lots of cooking and eating. And this year, that last takes extra planning because all those 2 day holidays run into Shabbat, making them 3 days long with extra cooking restrictions. But there still must be guests.

So, I opened my discbound bujo and started.

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Veggie Box Week 5 Day 2

September 10, 2015 1 comment

Very simple tonight. Fresh trout fillet, corn on the cob and snow peas, plus a salad of romaine and red onion. I also made a new bottle of vinaigrette. I don’t really like salad dressing, but my husband does.

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Veggie Box Week 5 Day 1

September 9, 2015 Leave a comment

Yes, started a day late. Labor Day happened, and I still had broccoli and half an onion yesterday. Read more…

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Veggie Box Week 4 Day 6

September 6, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve been quiet because dinner Wednesday was out, and dinner Thursday was leftovers + salad. Dinner Friday was London broil, sweet potato and artichoke.  Lunch on Shabbat was sliced cold London broil on salad with spicy olives.

Tonight was a skillet dinner of homefries cooked with chicken salami (a mistake) cut in long chunks, and eggs. This used up the potatoes. And, of course, salad. I still have a head of broccoli left.

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Veggie Box Week 4

September 1, 2015 Leave a comment

No picture. I’m sorry.

Two Spanish onions. One red onion. 4 red potatoes. 1 sweet potato. 4 peaches (end of season) 2 romaine lettuces. 2 artichokes. 1 broccoli. 1 red pepper. 1 box sliced mushrooms.

Dinner – baked ziti. One onion, the pepper, the mushrooms, tomato paste, garlic, spices, balsamic vinegar. Whole wheat penne. Low fat ricotta cheese. Fresh mozzarella.

Sauteed vegetables and spices. Added vinegar (a splash) and tomatoes. When cooked, mixed with uncooked pasta and ricotta cheese. Topped with sliced mozzarella. Baked at 350. Serve with salad.

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