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FOs – Sweater and Socks

March 30, 2008 Leave a comment

1. Big Gent’s Sweater

Pattern: Big Gent’s Pullover from Lucy’s Knits
Yarn: Cascade 220 Brown Heather Superwash
Needles: Addi Turbo US 5 and Inox US 4

Big Gent’s Sweater on my big gent.

1. The yarn was, of course, great to use – look at the definition of those cables. The sweater itself has been washed and dried, and it shrank just enough to fit perfectly, and to even out some stitches.

2. I added the 3×3 cables myself, to add interest to what would otherwise be a huge expanse of stockinette. I figured that would be boring just to knit as to look at. I did them without a cable needle, making them both twist to the center.

I also made them on the back of the sweater.

3. The pattern itself was both good and bad.

The good – it had sizes beyond that of my recipient, plus directions for a shortrow “tummy pocket” (she doesn’t use the term short row, but that’s what they were) that makes it fit better. She also adds directions for longer arms or other adjustments for differing shapes of large men. I also like the little detail of a garter ridge between the ribbing and the stockinette. I’ve incorporated it into another project.

The bad – the math was *terrible*. At several points, we’re directed to reduce X amount from *each* side, but the stitch count in the pattern is only reduced by X amount, not 2X. This threw me off so badly I ended up frogging the entire back and starting fresh (that’s when I added the cables and also learned a good way to knit alternating rounds from two skeins, as I had an odd skein.) After this, I checked all the math myself. I still needed to frog and restart my first arm because the math was badly off there, as well – she subtracted at the wrong point, I think. Again, I was able to do the math myself to get from 128 stitches to 44 (after increasing to 134) without getting extremely long arms – I reduced every third row, as directed, but only kept track of reductions.

The sleeve design was also not good – I had to attach the front and back (already very large) at the shoulders and then pick up 128 stitches around the armholes and knit each sleeve down from there, flat. It was extremely awkward, and very heavy by the time I got to the second sleeve. I think I’d rather have knit the sleeves separately and seamed them on.

The collar, which you can see in the first picture, is also on the large side. Most of the stitches for the collar were kept live on stitch holders (okay, circulars) until I was finished with the sleeves, with 20 or so picked up around the shoulders. This meant I really couldn’t adjust the size of the collar to fit my husband, and I’m a bit worried about the stablility of it. I’m seriously thinking about crocheting around the base. I have searched for an errata page and not found one. If I make my husband another sweater, I’ll use a different pattern.

However, it made a handsome and warm sweater, he got it in time for our anniversary and he’s actually wearing it now.

2. Tofutsies Socks

Pattern: My own. Toe-up with flap-and-gusset heel, using k3p2 rib
Yarn: Tofutsies – discontinued colorway
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony US 1 32″ circular

Notes: The colorway was lovely, but I don’t think I’m using this yarn again. I felt like I was knitting with string – there was no spring in it at all, and I tried several different stitch patterns before I gave up and settled on a deep k3p2 rib for both interest and elasticity. They are comfortable if slouchy to wear, though, and this pair has actually been washed and dried several times, and they look fine.

One thing I did try that I like – I did the sole flap and the back of the heel in heel stitch, but I did the heel turn in plain stockinette. This way I didn’t have to worry about the heel stitch matching in the heel turn, which looked much better.

3. Stepfather Sock

Pattern: Seed Stitch Ribbing from More Sensational Knitted Socks, top-down flap-and-gusset heel
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Superwash Sock “Silver Streak”
Needles: Knitpicks US 0 Options 32″ circular

Stepfather Socks (will be my stepfather’s afikomen present on Pesach.)

Notes: I used the garter ridge from the sweater pattern after the ribbing in these socks. The stitch pattern is sort of obscured by the colorway, but it makes a nice, elastic sock and was fun to knit. Also, this yarn was an absolute springy pleasure to knit after the Tofutsies. He hasn’t received them yet (I’m not sure he’s aware I made them), so I don’t know what his reaction will be.

4. Palindrome Scarf WIP

Pattern: Palindrome Scarf.
Yarn: Handspun alpaca (bought at an auction)
Needles: Inox US 6 16″ circulars

Notes: It’s less than half done, but I love the way it’s coming out – the pattern is clever and the cables look great in the very fuzzy yarn (I feel like I’m eating it when I knit it.) It’ll also be nice and warm for my father-in-law, the intended recipient. I recommend this pattern.

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