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Yarn Harlot

April 3, 2008 2 comments

Yesterday, I went to Yarn Harlot’s book signing in the Borders in Columbus Circle. Yarn Harlot, for those who don’t know, is a very popular knitblogger who has written several humorous and sometimes useful books about knitting and knitters.

It took about an hour for me to get there, and I got a tad lost because it’s not a place I’ve been to before. I finally found the place about 6PM, and, well. Getting lost cost me because every seat was taken. And that was all the folding chairs in the store. And if I’d arrived five minutes sooner, I might have gotten one.

Last year, Stephanie filled the auditorium in the Fashion Institute of Technology, so it’s not surprising, and I suspected that would happen.

After blocking the view of the cd rack and getting tired of holding things, I took a seat on the floor at the edge of the seating area, in the children’s section, and started to do what pretty much everyone else was doing – knitting (after taking moment to run to the cash register and actually buy the book.)

There were socks and shawls and sleeves – all manner of portable knitting. I saw a lot of dpns and a lot of a cables and very few straights and one or two *gasp* crochet hooks. And the ladies around me all compared yarn and projects and everyone seemed fascinated that I was knitting my socks toe up with magic loop – most of the socks were on dpns. One lady was knitting two at a time on two circulars.

Stephanie gave her talk – she’s a good speaker and very funny – in her best moments, when she wasn’t busy saying how wonderful knitters are, it was like hearing an excellent stand-up routine performed by someone with knitting as their shtick. In fact, her best and most engaging moment happened when she answered the final question in the limited Q&A session, when she talked about the day a couple of weeks ago when she walked 14 kilometers in a snowy wood to get Guinness and toilet paper (she was spending time alone in a cabin to get stuff done.) It was charming and funny and very real.

On another plus side : she didn’t call non-knitters “Muggles” *once.* Yay!

Just before she started, Leah from my synagogue, another knitter, showed up and said hello. She gave Stephanie a knitting bag and left before I did. In fact, what I did was stand in line for about an hour waiting for my book to get signed, and chatting with the ladies around me – even getting a new Ravelry friend. (BtW – I’m “MamaDeb” on there, too.)

And then Jonathan called and I left to meet him for dinner at Mr. Broadway’s. I never did get the book signed. However, I had a lovely time and met good people (and made a lot of progress on my sock), so it was all good.

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