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Bullet Journal: April Flip-through

April 24, 2018 Leave a comment

April was a very busy month, with half my planning days (Sunday) busy with holiday needs or other issues. I decided to wait until it was nearly done to show my spreads.

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Bullet Journal: Executive Function

February 26, 2018 3 comments

Sorry about the late post, but this needed proper research and thought.

Last post, debwunder suggested that I explain exactly what executive function is. Since I don’t have it, as #ActuallyAutistic, this wasn’t easy to answer.

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Bullet Journal: Deep Dive Weekly Spreads

February 5, 2018 2 comments

This week, I’m taking a deep dive into a module that was adopted by many,  if not most, bullet journal users, but was not in Ryder Carroll’s original concept – the Weekly Spread. Read more…

Bullet Journal: Deep Dive Daily Log

January 23, 2018 Leave a comment

The previous items are set-up. At the beginning of a new notebook, you set up your Index and Future Log. At the beginning of each month, you set up your Monthly Log. Yes, you keep adding to them as you go, but the hard work is done.

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Bullet Journal: One Year

January 1, 2018 Leave a comment

I have just used the same planner system for a year. This is an accomplishment for anyone. I know I have never managed more than a couple of months before. So, I am very proud of myself and gave myself a reward.

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What I did today July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012 5 comments

This will be picture heavy, as I just got a new camera and I wanted to play with it.

This is a fairly normal day at work – food for M, the brittle diabetic, and food for everyone else. On a sad note, that everyone else is reduce by one, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. I miss him very much.

Let’s start with the arsenal:

Knife case

That’s the first layer of my knife roll – a vegetable peeler that I know won’t disappear and a Sharpie because I label everything.

knives and steel

My babies. The knife facing left is my meat knife, and I use it more than any other tool I own. The one facing right is my dairy knife and I haven’t used it in months. The steel is in the middle. They’re ten inch blades, which is about the biggest my hands can handle.

Today, I made several puree’d vegetables, mashed potatoes and chicken meatloaf. I also made some non-puree’d vegetables.

I started with the chicken meatloaf since that took the longest to cook. That’s a mixture of spices (parsley, garlic powder, pepper, seasoned salt), oil, minced onions and, of course, ground chicken.

minced onions

These aren’t the most even cut, I’m sad to say.

The next thing was mashed potatoes. I peeled and cut up about 4lbs of redskin potatoes, and put them into COLD heavily salted water. This is the best way to cook mashed potatoes – it does good things to the starch content.
Pot of potatoes

Then I made the food for my diabetic guy. All of it has to be pureed and measured, none of which looks particularly appetizing, and mostly like this:

Zucchini puree

This, along with peas and green beans, will be measured into one pound aluminum containers, labeled and frozen. This way the counselors only have to heat it up and serve it to my hug monster.

At this point, the meatloaves were done.

chicken loaf

And so were the mashed potatoes.

mashed potatoes

These are simply potatoes, parsley and onion powder. I’d salted the water heavily enough that I didn’t need to add salt to the dish. That’s right – no fat or milk/milk substitute. They are actually tasty. I took out six half-cups for my guy, and packaged the remainder for everyone else.

Packed and ready to go

The closed aluminum pans are headed for the freezer. The plastic tubs will be used tonight, except for one meatloaf, which was also labeled and frozen. The little container of mixed vegetables is for I, so his counselor can mash them up with a serving of meat loaf and mashed potatoes.

This was the result of three hours work.

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Working Cook June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010 2 comments

Finally, a full week at work. Haven’t had that in awhile.

Walked in to find Misha watching the World Cup. Tomorrow, he graduates from school (meaning he’s now 21 and that’s it for him.) He’ll be spending his time at the DayHab instead. He had a medical appointment today, though, and they all left shortly after I arrived.

I checked for foods Mendy needed – chicken, gefilte fish and egg salad. I gathered up stew meat and ground chicken from the freezer, and carrots, celery and onions from the fridge, plus a sugar-free gefilte fish loaf from the kitchen freezer.

Started a beef vegetable soup and a pot of salted water for the fish, while defrosting the chicken. Added chopped mirepoix to the soup, plus a can of tomato sauce, garlic, parsley, basil, and bay leaves. I let that simmer on a rear burner, and took about a pound of ground chicken to cook up for Mendy. I also started a pot of brown rice.

I started cooking the rest of the ground chicken (about five pounds) while chopping an onion and batonneting a few carrots. When the chicken finally finished cooking, I moved it to a bowl and used the same pan to cook the veg. When that was cooked, I mixed the two. At this point the fish was done, as was the rice, and I started a pot of water for the eggs.

I pureed the chicken and portioned it out, and then portioned the gefilte fish. Portioned the rice and the chicken saute for the boys, put the soup in the fridge, and cooked the eggs, washing pots, etc, along the way. Made egg salad, portioned it. Cooked a bag of peas.

Made enough chicken saute to freeze one tray.

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