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Learning things

November 26, 2008 Leave a comment

I started knitting with the vague idea of knitting socks.  Which I do, as they are an addiction.  I learned to knit several types of heels and in both directions, and I switched from five needles to magic loop. 

I wanted to knit lace.  And while my first lace project was a worsted-weight scarf, my advice is, if you’re already a sock-knitter, to knit lace socks first.  You’ll get the gratification of finishing sooner, plus you’ll learn the major skills of lace-knitting – knit, purl, yo, k2tog and ssk – in a more friendly way.  Having the wool congruent to the needles helps a lot. 

I just finished a lace scarf – still needs blocking – for which I used a sock pattern that I just fell in love with.  I have realized that for rectangles, I need patterns I can memorize or read easily – working from a chart gets frustrating.  For triangles, though, with different patterns every few repeats and the challenge of it changing size – I want a complex chart.  I haven’t done a square yet.

So.  Socks. Lace.  Complex garments (I’ve made five sweaters, each with a new technique).  What was I missing?  Well, lots, but the next thing on the list for me was colorwork.

I bought the Knitpicks Palette Tranquility sampler, which comes with a tote bag pattern.  And.  Turns out that knitting with both hands?  Not as hard as I thought.  I’m only a few rows in, though. We shall see.

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