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Bullet Journal: Meal Brainstorm

December 11, 2017 Leave a comment

Last week, I did a deep dive into future logs. I was going to continue with monthly spreads, but something came up this week and I want to blog about it.

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Bullet Journal: Future Log Deep Dive

December 4, 2017 1 comment

I thought I’d do a series of deep dives into the components of bullet journals. I don’t use all of these, but they all have value.

I’m going to start with Future Logs.

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Bullet Journal: Shopping List

November 27, 2017 1 comment

This is essentially part 2 of last week’s entry about meal planning, because that’s how I do it. And that’s what this blog is about. I just hope it helps you find what what works for you.

Thing I do once I finish a meal plan is I come up with a shopping list.

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Bullet Journal: Meal Planning

November 19, 2017 5 comments

One of the most common things you’ll see on both bullet journals and preprinted planners are meal plan spaces. And they seem to be unused, even though people really want to use them.

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Bullet Journal: You’re So Organized!

November 13, 2017 1 comment

That’s the other thing other people tell me when they see my bujo. I can see why, but I seriously am not. At least not on my own.

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Bullet Journal: Eye of the Beholder

November 5, 2017 8 comments

I take my bujo to work with me. I think this is part of the key of it working for me, even if there are days when it sits in its bag (a Little Prince tote I got for the purpose) under my desk until I go home. Most of the time I need it, and it sits next to the postage meter on the weekly or shopping list page.

And coworkers come by and tell me how pretty it is, and how organized I am.

It’s not and I’m not.

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Bullet Journal: Habits and their Tracks

October 30, 2017 Leave a comment

One of the most popular additions to a bulletjournal is a habit tracker.  While I don’t advise using one for a couple of months, I have found mine to be very useful, although possibly not in the way others intend. (This is fine, by the way. We all do things differently.) Read more…

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