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Veggie Box Week 3 Day 2

Last night, dinner was red leaf lettuce salad with 1/4 red onion, steak with half a sweet potato each (plus margarine) and the haricot vert. I steamed the beans in the microwave, seasoned with a little salt. As they were surprisingly sweet, that balanced nicely.

Tonight, I wanted pasta, but not a heavy sauce. I diced a Spanish onion, a red pepper and four boneless chicken thighs, and sauteed them in a little neutral oil. Then I added oregano and garlic, plus rough chopped mixed olives and oil-cured sun dried tomatoes.

When the veggies and chicken were cooked, I tossed them with linguine rigatti and served them after a salad, duplicate of last night.

Onions, pepper and lettuce from the “box,” chicken and pasta bought today, but I only used half of each. So I have the rest of the chicken in my freezer ready to be used for another meal. The olives and sun-dried tomatoes came from the fridge. Also, Jon took an apple for lunch.

I have brussels sprouts, a head of lettuce, a pepper, a Spanish onion, half a red onion and all the red skin potatoes, plus three more tomatoes left.

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