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Veggie Box Week 3

A few weeks ago, I started an experiment. Can I add more vegetables to our diet plus reduce waste if I came up with the equivalent of a weekly vegetable box, like the organic farm shares some people had? Like we did for a few months until I realized that I was wasting a good half, and would never enjoy dandelion greens. Also, it was expensive, and I don’t care about organic. I started doing it a few weeks ago. Now I want to blog it.


This is the current purchase. It’s from a more or less normal supermarket, with nothing that can’t be purchased anywhere.

Prepped green beans,
Two peaches
Two red peppers
4 red potatoes
1 red onion
2 Spanish onions
1 red leaf lettuce
1 iceberg lettuce
1 brussels sprouts
Not pictured – one bunch carrots, one bag baby carrots, one bunch bananas and 4 Golden delicious apples. Also three plum tomatoes left from last week.

Lots of red. I prefer ripe peppers in general, I like red onion in salads, red potatoes are lower in carbs and red leaf lettuce is pretty.

Yes, there’s iceberg. I like crunchy salads, I like simple salads, and I like lettuce that stays good awhile. As much as I like the stuff at all, which isn’t much.

That’s why I’m doing this. And I am eating salad every night, so it’s worth it. Although I leave the homemade vinaigrette to Jonathan and eat it naked and with my fingers because it’s hard to eat with a fork.

Tonight, I’m serving the sweet potato and the string beans alongside steak, and I’m using one of the tomatoes in cheese sandwiches for lunch. The rest? We’ll see. I’ll let you guys know.

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  1. August 25, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    Why am I just discovering this. your cooking that you post on twitter intrigues me.

    • August 25, 2015 at 1:39 pm

      I don’t write very often. I’m hoping to do this more often.

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