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Thanksgiving 2014 Post-Mortem

On the whole, I’d say it was pretty much a success.
The only thing left to cook this morning were the onions for the eggs and onions (chopped liver without the liver. “The good parts” said my husband. It’s a family favorite.)

While they slowly browned, I peeled and chopped the eggs. Then I got the rest of the meal finished and readied for transport – each dish in two foil pans and covered with two sheets of foil. This is double wrapping, and means I can use a non-kosher oven to reheat. I also labeled each dish with Sharpie.

I poured most of a box of low-sodium
chicken stock over the stuffing. I put salt, oil and rosemary on the carrots and parsnips. And I carved the turkey.

This is when I realized that the turkey wasn’t quite as done as I’d thought. The thermometer lied. I decided not to worry, since it could finish cooking at mom’s. I also put a little turkey schmaltz in the onions for flavor. And put the drippings in the foil pan I was using for transport.


Thanksgiving to go

(Pictured – a stack of four covered foil pans with a container of eggs, a bag of roasted broccoli and large plastic bag on top, sitting on a table)

I mixed the eggs and onions, remembered the pecans and the cranberry sauce and Jon got them into the car. I followed with a bag of disposable bowls and serving ware.

Traffic was terrible, so we got there an hour late. I got everything in the oven, had a snack and settled to wait. Fortunately, two of the guests (my stepfather’s granddaughter and her new girlfriend) were even later.

I plated the eggs and onions on shredded lettuce as an appetizer, and we all settled down to eat. There was also salad.

Everything was perfect for the main course. One guest, my stepfather’s ex-daughter-in-law, lived that I had so many vegetables. The sides and the turkey all disappeared, leaving only little of each. We did take home some turkey and broccoli, plus the pumpkin pie.

I think it all went very well. I’m happy.

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