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Thanksgiving 2014 III

Today I did the proteins – the turkey plus eggs for the appetizer. I also determined that all the guests eat meat, so that won’t be an issue.
I’ve been reading articles about vegetarians and Thanksgiving, so it’s in my head. I’ve fed any number of folks along the vegetarian spectrum, and none have left my table hungry.

More than that, none have been made (I hope) to feel like a nuisance because I made a special dish for them. I do this by providing enough side dishes to be a meal, and making one of them high in protein. Everyone is eating the same dishes, just the meat eaters get an extra choice.

One article was about how the author was happy with the traditional sides (which include macaroni and cheese, which is new for me) and hates tofurky  she doesn’t want it to be made for her. Plus then she’d have to eat it.

None of my sides have to be meat, but I will use chicken stock to make my stuffing. If one guest would be left out, I’d use veg stock.

Spatchcocking (butterflying) the turkey was an interesting experience. It took a half hour to remove the backbone, and I never had the leverage to break the breastbone. Next time, better poultry sheers plus maybe having Jonathan do the breastbone.

However. My 15lb turkey cooked perfectly in 75 minutes. And will be very easy to carve in the morning. Totally worth it.

But it was also exhausting. I never did brown the onions to chop with the hard cooked eggs. I’ll do that in the morning. And we had take out for dinner.

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