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Thanksgiving 2014 II

This is just a progress report, but I am right on schedule. Last night, I made the starches – the stuffing and the sweet potato/pear dish. Neither are totally finished.
I made the croutons for the stuffing by cubing a seedless rye loaf and toasting them in the oven. I used to be able to buy plain rye croutons, but I can’t find them and I don’t want to use seasoned ones.

I mixed them with sauteed onions and mushrooms. And that was it. On Thursday, I’ll mix in chicken stock before going to my mom’s. I like my stuffing moist.

The other dish is my own creation. I peeled and wedged four large sweet potatoes and tossed them in cinnamon, ginger and salt, and baked them until they started to get soft. Meanwhile, I washed, cored and wedged four pears and tossed them in the same mixture. I added them to the potatoes and baked until the potatoes were cooked.

Thursday, after I reheat them, I’ll add candied pecans. This will keep the pecans crisp.

Today was veg day. Roasted broccoli (cut into florets, tossed with with coarse salt, pepper and garlic, plus olive oil and baked on high heat for about 12 minutes), carrots and parsnips – peeled, wedged, steamed in the microwave. To be seasoned before reheating. The broccoli will be served room temperature.

I also made a basic cranberry sauce, seasoned with a cinnamon stick, some ginger and a pinch of salt. Very basic. All this took an hour, start to finish.

I also bought two pies from a local kosher bakery – apple and pumpkin. So we have dessert.

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