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Thanksgiving 2014

For an Orthodox Jew, accustomed to holidays with four-six large meals, laws about cooking and reheating and menu restrictions (Passover, anyone?), plus large Shabbat meals every week, Thanksgiving can seem like a picnic.
And it is for my friends who live like that. Even for me, who makes smaller meals except for seders and Rosh HaShanah, it’s usually much easier.

This year, I’m taking Thanksgiving to my mother’s. This means everything must be cooked in advance, instead of last minute, easily transportable, and reheatable in double wrapped containers, or good cold or room temp. My mother doesn’t keep kosher, and neither do any of the other guests. This means I can’t take contributions other than purchased items.

So, I’m doing the same division as I did for the Jewish holidays – starches one day, then veggies, then proteins.

I wrote out a menu first, and used that to generate a shopping list.
1st course : Salad|chopped eggs and onions (chopped liver without the liver)

Main :  Turkey
             Sweet potatoes/pears/candied pecans
              Roasted broccoli
              Carrots and parsnips
              Cranberry sauce

Dessert Pumpkin pie
               Ice cream

We only wait an hour between meat and dairy, so we can have store bought desserts. I’ll put out fruit and shelled nuts in between so no one starves to death. Plus Jon suggested a shot of whiskey then. 🙂

First step – shopping

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