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Sukkot 5775 II

Jonathan decorated the sukkah this morning. So that’s done.

I did the final shopping and cooking today. I made two starches – baked sweet potatoes to go with lunch on Friday and rice to go with both meals on Shabbat.

I also made a simple chicken stew – dark meat chicken, carrots, onions and potatoes – as dinner tonight, and baked a chicken cut in 8 pieces for both meals on Shabbat. I marinated the baked chicken in soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil and garlic first. Should go nicely with the rice.

Lunch tomorrow will be lasagna. Dinner will be chicken filet, noodles and green beans, all of which can be cooked that night. We were going to a friend’s house, but that was canceled.

Lunch Friday will be steak, sugar snap peas and the sweet potatoes. It’s Jonathan’s Hebrew birthday, so we always have steak serving day Sukkot. And I’ll be able to relax on Friday afternoon because I’ll have nothing last minute to do.

All that’s left is a shower and lighting candles. Chag sameach!

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