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Sukkot 5775

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. In this case, the enemy was a rhinovirus. In other words, I caught a poorly timed cold.

I figure the culprit was Yom Kippur. I spent over a half a day in the enclosed space of my shul, while fasting. I woke up sick on Monday.

This was the day I was going to shop and start cooking and I was hit hard. Jonathan had the brilliant idea that I should call in my grocery order for delivery. That solved one problem. The second was a tad harder. I decided to not do anything about cooking.

He also got the four species – the willow branch, palm frond, myrtle and citron we wave during Sukkot. So, with the sukkah up and the plants purchased, we’re prepared ritually.

Also, he bought dinner.

Today, I felt much better, although I didn’t want to push things. So, after taking care of the laundry and going to my therapist, I made lasagna. Veggie because I like a dairy meal in the middle of all the meat ones, and because, to me, lasagna equal cheese. And also spinach.

This is the most elaborate dish, though. I’m making a basic chicken stew, plus baked chicken and steamed rice for Shabbos and potatoes for Friday lunch. The rest I can make last minute.

That plus some last minute shopping and I’m done.

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