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Yom Kippur 5775

Yom Kippur prep is very different, because it’s a fast day. That means no food or drink for 25 hours. Obviously, that assumes one is well enough to do so. I monitor my blood sugar to ensure I’m all right. My husband is recovering from pneumonia, and while he’ll fast, he may spend the end of the holiday home rather then in synagogue.
The issue, then, is pre- and post-fast meals. These are regarded as festive, but I tend to go for simplicity.

I make the same pre-fast every year-pasta tossed with chicken and broccoli. I use whole wheat pasta, and it’s filling and sustaining. Also yummy.

We’ll also have bananas and lots of water.

I break the fast with V8 juice. I used to use sports drink, but there’s too much sugar. Orange juice is great, too, but, well, sugar. (I miss orange juice.)

It’s going with me to synagogue so I can break as soon as possible. I actually bought three containers this year, so Jon has one whether he’s in shul or not. We don’t want to carry, so important to have it both places.

We’ll also have the traditional bagels and lox at home. I plan to take a bagel with me because I’m going to drive there, leaving the car until tomorrow night, and I want some carbs before I drive home.

I wish all who observe an easy fast, and may we all be inscribed in the Book of Life.

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