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Rosh HaShanah 5775 Post Mortem

Success. All three meals.
The soup blended beautifully, and the garnish of pumpkin seeds and cilantro worked well. My one guest allergic to ginger was happy with a bowl of salad, with the same garnish. The turkey, carved by my brother, was done perfectly.

The stuffing actually collapsed when I moistened it with chicken stock, but it tasted delicious. Next time, I’m going to dry the bread thoroughly – couple hours in a low oven, instead of 8 minutes in a hot one to toast.

The other set of guests enjoyed the stew and pilaf, and one was happy I had the means of making a good, hot, strong cup of coffee. This is because I use a manual pour-over system to make my coffee, instead of electric coffee makers. Can’t use the latter on holidays. Also because we use the same brand of coffee. I love when I can make a guest happy with such simple things.

As for the non-guest meals – I like making at least one non-meat meal during a holiday. Thursday, we had a cheese omelet and fruit salad. I’ve also done quiches, and I think I’ll make a lasagne for Sukkot.

Thursday was leftover turkey, with fresh vegetables. Shabbos was chicken filet I cooked on Friday afternoon on top of the stove and with margarine because I was out of oil, plus the kugel I made earlier and veggies. Same for lunch, with salad instead.

Jonathan enjoyed them both, but I was tired and basically ate only the vegetables and kugel. I love meat, but not Shabbos chicken.

I made egg salad for the ritual third meal, plus we had more fruit salad. And today I made turkey sandwiches for lunch.

There’s enough meat left for a leftover casserole dinner, plus a leg for a Jonathan lunch. The rest is bones, to be made into a stock. Which I think I’ll turn into turkey minestrone. Which means I got just the right size of turkey.

One holiday over. Three more to go.

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