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Rosh HaShanah 5775 III

Cooking marathon day three – fun with undefrosted meat. Also shopping.

The turkey had been sitting in my fridge since Monday. It was pretty much solid this morning. Too frozen to season, in fact. I’d preheated the oven to 400°F. I positioned the turkey on the breast, and slid it into the oven. In fifteen minutes, I turned it down to 325°F.

I checked the temperature before I went for the last minute shopping, decided 60 was too low for flipping, but I could season it with rosemary and lemon pepper.

And as I walked home with a full shopping cart, I realized I forgot to take out the stew meat.

Very simple stew – onions, carrots, veal, pepper, vinegar. I forgot to get oil, so I had to use margarine. I got it thawed enough to release from the packaging.

And by then, the turkey was done. It’s sitting in the oven, cooling. I also pureed the soup and hard cooked three eggs.

The eggs are for Jewish legal reasons. The laws of holidays say cooking is permitted, so long as no new fires are started. They can be transferred, so I light my burners by transferring from a long burning candle.

They also say one can only cook (or otherwise prepare) on a holiday for that day. That is, making a big dish that would make leftovers is fine, but even setting the table Thursday afternoon for Thursday night is not. Jewish days change at nightfall, not midnight.

The problem is Shabbat, because the most you can do on Shabbat is reheat. And this year, Friday is a holiday. So, there is a ceremony called erev tavshilin where, on Wednesday afternoon, one takes two cooked foods and makes a blessing, intending to use them on Shabbat. You have therefore started to cook for Shabbat and can continue on Friday, subject to the other restrictions. Most common foods are rolls and eggs.

I’m making chicken filet on Friday, with veggies and the kugel I made yesterday.

And, I’ll be done.

Have a sweet, healthy, prosperous New Year (or the next twelve months.) L’shana tova!

I just have to finish the stuffing and heat the soup, and I’m DONE.

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