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Meatball Soup

You’ve had a bad day at work. You’re exhausted. And you want comfort food – a nice, meaty soup. Except the only meat in your freezer is ground beef and you live a half-hour’s drive away from the nearest source of kosher meat and you don’t want to move your car anyway because it’s parked perfectly for alternate side.

You do have the ground beef. And carrots, onions and celery for a mirepoix. Even a very large can of crushed tomatoes. And other staples. And it comes to you. Meatball soup. Why not?

Open the can of tomatoes, and pour them into a soup pot with a can of water. Put over high heat. Chop a large onion, or two small ones, and several stalks of celery. Peel the entire package of carrots and slice into coins as thin as you can. Dump that into the pot. Add a lot of garlic and some pepper, and oregano and a bay leaf or three. Add a shot of vinegar, too, or some wine. Let it cook.

You need a pound of ground beef. Lean is best, but use what you have. Add the oregano and the garlic and the pepper, and a handful of matzo meal (or bread crumbs or corn flake crumbs or ground up panko. Even flour if that’s what you have.) And an egg. Mix it with your hands. Roll into tiny – less than one inch – meatballs and drop into the boiling soup. Turn it down to a simmer and let it go. If you do it right, it can take less than a half hour to prep, and it’s ready when everything is cooked – half hour or so.

You can use ground turkey or chicken, but add a little oil to the meatballs. You can leave out the meat, add potatoes or pasta and you have a vegetable soup. Add thyme to the veg soup, and then add fish at the last minute and you have Manhattan fish chowder. Very versatile.

And it’s simmering on my stove right now.

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