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Working Cook June 16, 2010

Back at work! What a relief. Shiva is over for my husband.

I was very happy to see that my preparations worked well – Mendy ran out entirely of only two items other than the mayonnaise salads. The freezer itself was kinda empty – only two trays of food left for the other individuals.

Mendy needed broccoli and squash, and he was low on tilapia. I had all of that in the house. I also had chicken breast fillets and noodles.

I cut up the squash, put a bit of oil on it and slid it into the oven. I also dumped two bags of tilapia fillets into a pot with hot oil, paprika and seasoning salt. Meanwhile, I nuked the chicken enough to separate the fillets, and seasoned them with oregano, paprika and garlic chips. Those also went into the oven.

I put up a pot of water for noodles, and began to microwave the two huge bags of broccoli. By this time, the fish was cooked, so I portioned it out and washed the pot. The noodle water boiled at that point, so I dumped in a bag. Drained them, mixed them with oil, salt and onion powder and portioned them. Washed the pot and colander.

Pureed and portioned the broccoli. Cooked peas.

Took the chicken out to cool. Watched some television (TOP CHEF!) and then took the not-quite done squash out. I finished them in the microwave. Mashed the squash with salt and cinnamon. Portioned it. Washed up.

12:30. DONE.

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  1. Terri Wells
    June 30, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    You know, I really should know better than to read your blog just before I need to get dinner…it only makes me hungrier…

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