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Working Cook – June 8 and June 10, 2010

Yes, there’s a day off in the middle there. In fact, I won’t be back at work until next Wednesday.

Tuesday, I got to work and, ascertaining that Mendy was doing well, made macaroni with tomato sauce and cheese. And about a quarter to one, my mother-in-law called me. My father-in-law, after a series of strokes and pneumonia, was gone, peacefully in his home.

I went there as soon as I could – I was going to go there anyway to cook dinner for them and my husband – and when I arrived, they’d already made the funeral arrangements, and my sister-in-law and her daughter were boarding the plane from Israel. The funeral was on Wednesday – out of respect, we bury as soon as possible. Also, mourning doesn’t begin formally until afterward.

I had to go into work on Thursday. I’m not a mourner, and Mendy needs his soup, so I had to go in. That meant a 90 minute ride on two trains, instead of a fifteen minute walk. Since Mendy only uses 6 cups of soup, I finished the soup – I cut the vegetables (carrots, onions, celery, parsnip, turnip) very small and as soon as I portioned off for Mendy and drained the soup to the other pot, I added them. I also made matzo balls and put in a bag of noodles. Mendy also got his salads (egg, corn, tuna) and a couple of hard-boiled eggs.

I fixed up an extra portion of tuna salad with paprika and garlic for Misha. And then I went back to Manhattan.

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