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Working Cook June 1, 2010

Brief recap of the past week or so – they decided that they were not going to do a grocery order, so I had to use what I had on hand, plus what I could buy locally. It wasn’t so bad. I had to buy frozen broccoli and gefilte fish loaves, and a fair amount of fresh produce, but I got through the week, and today.

So, let’s talk about today. I assumed there wouldn’t be much, so I planned for that. And I was right. Almost no produce, no starches, and limited amount of meat. Mendy needed ground beef. I took out two 4lb packages (and that was pretty much it for the ground beef) and put one in the microwave to thaw.

I looked in my cupboards. I had rice. I had dried beans. I had spices. I had tomato paste. Okay. That spelled chili to me. I would rather have had canned beans, but I knew I could manage with the dried. I still hadn’t changed, so I just picked up my purse and went shopping for produce.

There’s a produce store – a small Russian supermarket, really, with meat and prepared foods as well as canned goods and fruits and vegetables – on the corner, but I’ve had really poor luck there. Last week, I had to toss out about a third of a bag of potatoes.

So I went to a more expensive but more trustworthy vegetable stand instead. And I got three lovely peppers and a bag of onions with nary a sprout.

And then I returned to the home and was ill – not very, but enough to throw me off my game. It’s been a long time since I was feeling like that. Fortunately, it was an easy day.

I set the beans up for quick soak (cover beans with water above two inches, boil for two minutes and let sit for an hour), put the other package of meat to thaw, and started cutting up the onions and the peppers. Got them in the post to saute, with cumin, garlic, cinnamon (yes, cinnamon), paprika and pepper. I was aiming for a “chili” powder without much heat. I love heat for myself, but these guys – not so much.

I also started a pot of brown rice. By this time, the second batch of meat was thawed. I added the meat (less about a pound for Mendy) to the vegetables plus more spices,and let that cook. When the rice was done, I portioned it out, washed the pot and started cooking the remaining meat.

During this time, I did sit down a bit more than usual. Not happy about that, but I did feel not so great, and I did plan an easyish day.

The beans being soaked enough, I drained them, put in fresh water and started cooking them. I pureed and portioned the ground beef for Mendy, and then added tomato paste and more spices (and water, of course) to the chili. When the beans were cooked, I added them to the chili pot and let it all simmer. I also nuked some green beans. Meanwhile, the grocery order I made LAST MONDAY arrived.

Did I put them away? No. Because the chili was finished. It took ten minutes to portion and label it,and another five to wash the pots. I put the extra in the freezer, took dinner over to Keshet and was gone.

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