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Working Cook May 14, 17 and 18, 2010

I’ve been busy this week. Shavuot started Tuesday night and ended tonight, so with holiday prep (including the very important purchase of a new dress), I’ve been very busy, and of course I can’t use the computer during the holiday itself.

Friday was pretty much normal for Friday – finished the soup, cooked two roast chickens and a pan of chicken filets, plus sliced potatoes and onions, and Israeli salad.

Monday was pure Shavuot prep, since I had enough food for Mendy and for dinner. One of the customs for Shavuot is eating dairy food (which contrasts with the custom for ALL yomtovs that calls for eating meat, so there are ways people do it – a bite of dairy and then a meat meal a half hour later, dairy appetizers for a meat meal, which I’ve had once and it is so very, very weird, having some meals meat and others dairy, and having all dairy. My personal custom is to have one meat meal unless the holiday falls on Shabbat, and then having all meat for Shabbat, and all dairy for the other.)

So, I compromised for my guys. Monday was dairy day. I made a pareve soup, macaroni in cheesy tomato sauce and baked tilapia. The okay dairy knife I bought before Pesach has gone missing, and I had to use a sharpened utility knife instead, and it was bad. I even stopped everything to go out and try to buy another okay cheap knife in the same store but no dice.

After I left work, I went shopping. Not only did I buy a really lovely new dress (it’s customary to get a new outfit for a holiday PLUS I have three or four weddings in the next few weeks), which was a job all by itself, I bought a decent dairy knife. And it’s going to be MY knife and live in my knife kit. That way I’ll know where it is and it won’t disappear on me.

The job for the dress is that 1. I’m a large size. 2. All the suits available are black or white, mostly black. Sometimes navy. I have enough dark suits. The ones in my size? Have very boxy jackets. I look better in tailored jackets. In the first store, a place I’ve had good luck in the past, I found ONE cute look and it ran small. So small that the largest size didn’t fit me. That is, the very adorable skirt did, but the not as adorable but still cute jacket did not.

The next store had nothing over size fourteen. I went to a third store, and the very helpful salesgirls showed me somewhat glittery (I don’t glitter) suits for far more than I was willing to spend, but then showed me several lovely dresses in pretty colors that fit more or less – the skirt needed to be shortened and they put elastic in the neckline of the shell so I could tighten it, but those are minor. And the shortening took so little time – they just removed a tier – that I could wear it today.

Tuesday felt like Friday. And I made meat, so I didn’t even use the new knife. I made chicken filets, meatloaf and two kinds of kugel – apple and salt-and-pepper noodle. I’ve gotten very good at making the apple kugel – peeled and sliced in a half hour!

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