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Working Cook May 7 and May 10, 2010

Ah, Friday. My big stewpot *magically* reappeared, so I could finish the soup properly. And I found my other stewpot with the teflon, but didn’t need it.

I shopped on my way to work because I knew I’d need gefilte fish and potatoes. And then it all proceeded like all Fridays do – prep veg for soup and for fish. Get main course protein seasoned and in the oven (in this case, two chickens in quarters for Ruach and two turkey roasts for the other two houses.) Get fish in the veg poaching liquid. Peel and shred ten pounds of potatoes and four onions. Cook a pound of green beans and toss with red pepper and onion for a salad. Just a normal Friday workday.

And, of course, today was Monday. I checked the freezer – Mendy needed tilapia, ground beef, ground chicken and chicken, and I needed beef for the inevitable split pea soup. Got the meats from the freezer in the office, and then gathered spinach and tilapia from the kitchen one. I also got cans of tuna. Got changed but forgot to change shoes. Thawed the ground meats while I prepped the soup, got the fish (still in frozen lumps) in a dairy pot, and made the pureed tuna salad. Once the fish was done, I put up a stockpot of salted water, put the soup (now seasoned) on a back burner and took first almost a pound of the chicken and cooked it, followed by almost a pound of ground beef. Meanwhile, I chopped onions and bell peppers.

I ground and portioned the meats while the veggies cooked, and then added the rest of the ground meats to that pot. About then, the spinach was cooked, so I ground and portioned that. (And fed one of the nurses tilapia and spinach.) When the meat was cooked and seasoned, I added tomato sauce. Meanwhile, I also cooked whole wheat macaroni. I combined the pasta and the meat sauce and seasoned it again. I also cooked a bag of zucchini.

And I made and collated more copies of my shopping list. And washed up. And watched the second episode of Wife Swap that featured the family that pretended their son was in a balloon last summer. Lovely people.

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