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Working Cook May 6, 2010

Thursday equals chicken soup.  It now also equals matzo balls. 

I was reasonably on time because I had some bloodwork done this morning (right on time except I skipped last month.)  The only problem was I’d grabbed my breakfast pills on the way out, because the bloodwork has to be done fasting.  So I’d be eating out and would need my bp meds and my baby aspirin and I need my Zyrtec in general.  And, of course, my Byetta. 

Only I only managed to grab the baby aspirin and the pen and needle.  The other bottles?  Were Jonathan’s.  So I had to have my car service driver take me home so we could exchange.  Then I got deposited more or less by a kosher Dunkin Donuts.  And I think I’ve had my last cheese egg veggie sausage croissant.  It’s still yummy, but it felt lousy in my stomach.

So.  Get to work.  Change into whites and cooking shoes.  Got the chicken bones from one freezer and the fish from another.  Got the soup started and then sliced up some onions and tomatoes.  The tilapia was a problem – it comes as individually frozen fillets usually, so I just put two or three in each 8×8 tray.  However, I think these thawed slightly and refroze, so what I got were lumps of fish that I couldn’t separate. 

Okay, fine.  I didn’t.  I put a lump in each tray, covered them with tomatoes, onions, parsley, seasoned salt and oil and slid them into a 350 oven.  Then I put my herbs to soak, and made the matzo ball mix.  It looked sort of loose when I followed the recipe (well, sort of. I mean, I measured the water and the matzo meal, and the eggs come in discrete units, but I never measure seasonings, and I didn’t bother measuring the oil) so I added a bit more matzo meal. This makes me happy – means I’m getting a feel for the mixture.  Covered it and put it in the fridge to cool.

I started a pot of water for rice.  And then, *finally*, I started drinking my coffee.  Unlike the last time I tried to carry coffee from the DD to the home, it survived the trip.  It did so because I asked for a plastic bag.  I’d also asked for “kosher” (meaning cholov Yisrael) milk, but they were out so I took it my normal black.  Not really a problem.  I’m not strict on milk at all, but the home is.

I measured and cooked corn for corn salad for Misha and Mendy.  Skimmed the soup and put in the herbs.

Cut note – Ina, one of the nurses, told me she loved “my” knish from the other day. I told her that they were premade frozen, and all I did was heat them up.  I will NOT take credit I didn’t earn.

Checked the fish, and separated the lumps to make sure they were all cooked.  Put up a pot of salted water for the knaidelach.  Did some washing up and made the corn salad – half to Mendy and half, blended with red pepper, for Misha. 

Shut the soup off and added some salt and pepper.  Made the knaidelach – still doing the two spoon thing, but making rounder balls.  Took the fish out of the oven and portioned out the rice.  Portioned soup out for Mendy and poured the rest into a container.  Three containers, actually since the first wasn’t big enough.  I filled a quart and a pint deli container with the remainder.

See, I’m missing two pots – my big stew pot and a telfon coated smaller one.  So I had to improvise.  I’ll find them tomorrow.

The matzo balls were finished, so I got them out of the pot.  Did some washing up.  Finished the coffee.  Done.

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  1. caseylane
    May 7, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    You know, I don’t always comment but I love reading your posts.

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