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Working Cook April 30 and May 3, 2010

Friday was fun, in a way that was decidedly NOT fun.

I get sinus problems that mimic migraines – in fact, were diagnosed AS migraines for a week or so. I don’t get aura, but I can get photophobia, headaches and nausea. And, of course, I’m taking Byetta which also causes nausea. So it could have been either that caused me to lose my breakfast at work on Friday. Especially since I do get something bad once a week – it usually ruins Shabbos – and that could have been it.

So I had the challenge of making Shabbos, with chicken soup, chicken fillet, noodle kugel and salad at a time when I wanted to curl up in bed and not even think about food.

And yet, I did. I even made a tomato salad instead of an Israeli salad because the other choice would have been to buy cucumbers, and I was just not going to do that.

To make matters more fun, we were going to a potluck for Shabbos dinner, and I was bringing an entree and side dish. I’d made the roast chicken but I needed to make the dressing, too. Made vegan dressing about an hour before I needed to leave.

And I spent most of the night curled up on their sofa, asleep. Fortunately, they’re very sweet and let me do it.

Usually, this goes away after a good night’s sleep, but it didn’t. It hung on all through Shabbat and to Sunday morning. Then I thought it might be sinuses, and took a very long, hot shower. Yep. Made ALL the difference. (I usually take very fast showers, which don’t help at all.)

So, when things got bad at work again this morning and my cheeks hurt when I touched them, I did my other remedy for a sinus thing – I had a very hot cup of tea. And it worked again.

Today was split pea soup, ground beef and zucchini for Mendy, and burgers (mixture of turkey and ground beef) and couscous for everyone else, plus cauliflower for Yossi. And I met the new nurse – the old one is leaving in a week. This is not going to be easy for the guys. Or me – I like Michelle a lot.

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  1. Anne
    May 4, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    This was fun to read. You have a talent for making the ordinary interesting.

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