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Working Cook April 27, 2010

I decided en route that, today being dairy day, I was going to make mac and cheese. That, plus some veggies and maybe some fish for Mendy, would get me home early. Wouldn’t THAT be nice? Okay, I’d have to buy milk, but that would be fine. And I could make mac and cheese for Mendy, too.

And it all seemed to be going well. Got the pot of water for the gefilte fish (only salt. No veg.), and weighed out the macaroni for Mendy, and cooked it and then realized I needed more, so I cooked more. Meanwhile, I got the big dairy pot cooking for the rest of the macaroni, and it was coming to a boil. Plus I had the spinach cooked and the broccoli cooking.

And the grocery order comes in. And instead of grinding vegetables or macaroni, or making cheese sauce, I’m putting perishables away, and trying to find room for everything. You know – refrigerator/freezer tetris. I end up spending a long time just finding places in three different freezers for everything. I do NOT put away the non-perishables. (And the whole wheat macaroni? Cooks thoroughly before I’m done. Yes, I got it before it over cooks.)

THEN I make the cheese sauce. And sit for fifteen minutes, and prioritize the rest of what I needed to do. I did end up finishing a half hour longer than I intended (and stayed a bit longer because somehow, I always stay for diabetes training.) And what did I accomplish? Macaroni and cheese (with a proper Mornay sauce – nothing powdered for me). Gefilte fish AND tilapia, broccoli and spinach. Zucchini. So, I’m happy.

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