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Working Cook April 20 and April 21, 2010

Sorry about yesterday.

I stopped on the way to work yesterday to buy fish yesterday. Mendy and Misha both needed fish and the other guys, apparently, love it. The Ms also needed ground beef, and I had a package of it in the freezer. I was otherwise almost out of everything else. There was soup left over, though.

So. Fish spiced and in oven; except for one bag for freezer and two for pot. Ground beef in microwave. I put up a pot of rice, too. I also put up a couple eggs to hardboil. Actually, three eggs because that’s the lowest number I can cook, after I cooked a dozen tilapia fillets to death and portioned it out for Mendy and Misha. I was using the same dairy pot – my dairy cooking supplies are fairly limited.

When the fish was cooked and out of the oven, I replaced it with burgers. See, I only needed so much beef for the boys – normal spiced for Mendy, mixed with barbecue sauce for Misha. The rest I flavored and made into burgers to cook in the oven. These would go into the freezer. So, brown rice (one in freezer) and fish and peas and carrots for dinner. Mendy and Misha got ground beef and fish.

As for today – today was…interesting. The food order had arrived, so I could strategize properly. Mendy needed chicken, cake, green beans and zucchini. I had chicken, green beans and zucchini. I also lacked containers for him.

I took out all the ground chicken and a package of turkey. None had totally frozen yet, so I could use them right away. I also took out three cans of tuna (Mendy needed tuna salad).

I got all the frozen zucchini cooking, and went out to get containers and lids. Did I also get the sugar-free cake? I did NOT. I did get a cup of coffee, though. Yeah. Brilliant.

I cooked one package of chicken for Mendy, took the zukes out of the microwave and replaced it with a bag of green beans. Oh, I forgot. I also had five tomatoes and a pan of sweet potatoes in the oven. I forgot a LOT today, not just now.

I put a pot of water for noodles up to boil. I made large meatballs out of the rest of the ground poultry, and cooked them in duck sauce to which I added garlic and soy sauce. I processed the vegetables. Most of both went to Mendy, but about one cup of each went to Misha. I mixed some oil and flavored bread crumbs with Misha’s so it was “fried”, as his menu requests. Yeah, we lie, but it tasted good. I also added honey to Misha’s sweet potatoes, along with the salt, oil and cinnamon I put in for Misha. Made it “sweet potato pie.” Apparently, giving food interesting restauranty names means Misha is more likely to eat it. So, fine. I had leftover mashed sweets, so I froze that. I didn’t redoctor the green beans, though.

I mixed the noodles with parsley, oil, salt, pepper and onion powder. And at some point, I went out to buy the cake I’d forgotten to buy earlier, and cut it into twelfths.

It’s not the cooking that takes so much time. It’s the portioning, packaging and labeling. I finished over an hour late. And I have a standing appointment at 2:45. Every week. Yet for some reason, I thought it was 3:45, and had lunch and everything. *Shakes head* Realized my mistake at 3PM on the way there.

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