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April 13, 2010

Today, my lovelies, I made dairy (and I forgot all about yesterday’s split pea soup – and yet it was still Monday!)

Part of that was making “mac and cheese” (macaroni blended with cheese) for both Mendy and Misha.  The problem was, I couldn’t find my scale and I refuse to cook pasta for Mendy without one.  Pasta has to be weighed uncooked to be accurate.  So I went to my favorite variety store and got a scale, and also a teakettle because the Kerem teakettle had been tossed for age before Pesach.  They were using a little dairy saucepan to boil water for coffee and tea (and Papa’s “chai”.)  I also bought peppers and mushrooms.  Meanwhile, I had two pots boiling – one for gefilte fish (Mendy style – just salted water, no veg) and one for the pasta.  Both were cooking merrily away when I returned.

I got the pasta weighed and it and the fish cooking, and began cutting up vegetables.  I also put two bags of broccoli to microwave.  When the pasta was done, I made the “mac and cheese”, making it 3/5 Mendy and 2/5 Misha. After I got Mendy’s put away, I added milk to Misha’s.  I took a cup of the broccoli and blended it with some cheese – “broccoli quiche”.  I have no idea, but neither does Misha.  I then cut up onions and peppers.  Put a green pepper and a handful of onion in a pan with oil, salt and pepper and baked it, then put rest of the onions and three red peppers in a dairy pot.  I added half a pound of sliced mushrooms and part of a bag of spinach.  Meanwhile, I puree’d the rest of the broccoli for Mendy.  I also cooked a half cup of spinach which I pureed and seasoned.  When I labeled it, I advised mixing it with mayo – pareve creamed spinach.  And I pureed another half cup of green beans.  And then the green peppers and onions.  So now Misha has a fair bit of choice and Mendy is all caught up, or was once I got the fish portioned out.

I added sauce to the veg I was cooking, and then uncooked whole wheat macaroni and a bunch of cheese, and let it simmer.  In fact, I sat down for a moment.  By the time the pasta was cooked, I was pretty much cleaned up.  Got three trays out of, so that was dinner.

And I really liked the Croc Bistros, except that without vent holes, my feet did get hot. 

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