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Working Cook April 8, 2010

Once again, I made an abortive attempt to buy meat on the way to work.  Get on the ball, Mt. Fruit!  I did stop in another store to get the small tins and lids we use for Mendy’s food, and to another supermarket to get tilapia fillets.

Michelle spoke to me – there are changes afoot.  Mendy has now reached his goal weight for his height, so we are cutting back on fat and extra protein – low fat mayo, no extra oil AND his proteins are cut in half. We’re also eliminating ice cream as a dessert since the dairyness poses a problem given all his meat meals.

We’re also implementing a series of dishes for Misha so he has choice.  They’re given fancy names, but they’re mostly a gussied up version of what I’m giving Mendy or the others.  Misha likes fancy names.  I’ll have to give these a lot of thought.

So, I made Mendy his fresh salads – puree’d egg salad, corn salad and, when Shulem found it for me, tuna salad.  And everyone else got tilapia (they seem to LOVE baked tilapia) and rice.  My grocery order arrived just before I left, but “staff” is putting things away for me.  So I know I’ll have what I need for tomorrow’s marathon. 

We put the big freezer back in order – Shulem loves his labels and I don’t blame him. They make things much easier, especially for such a complex thing as this.  We’ve also trained the staff to just defrost, heat up and serve his food, so I had to take the proteins from the freezer and halve them and repack them.  Not really a problem.  He’s only really missing turkey right now, and I can take care of that tomorrow.  Oh, and soup and some veg, but I can do that tomorrow, too.


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