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April 2 and April 7, 2010

Yes, lovely readers. Weekday holidays mess up many things. I’m trying to even remember Friday from the perspective of Wednesday. I think it’s Wednesday.

My kitchen on Friday was lacking many things – many spices, all oil, eggs, various vegetables. Meat. Knowing this, I stopped by a supermarket on the way (and in my head, started the clock) to get chicken breast fillets and chicken bones. Well, I stopped in for the chicken bones, but I walked out with turkey necks and turkey wings because one cannot buy what doesn’t exist.

I got to the work kitchen, and noted what I did not have in terms of flavorings and ingredients. And ended up baking the chicken breasts with honey and lemon juice. Yep. Just like a cough drop. I also flavored two turkey roasts with pepper and basil, and covered the turkey parts with water. Once those were all cooking, I went out again for soup vegetables and herbs plus potatoes and onions. I got back, and took more stock and left again for garlic powder and oil. The only kosher for passover oil I could find was cottonseed oil, which is terrible but I had no choice.

I got back in time to skim the soup and to start prepping the veggies and herbs for it. Then I peeled and diced the potatoes and put them in a pot of salted water to bring to a boil. When I had the burner space available, I chopped onions and fried them. I mashed the potatoes when they finally cooked and mixed them with the onions.

Really, really, REALLY good.

By this time, the soup and the meat were done and I could leave, hopefully with enough food to last until today.

I did another Mt. Fruit run this morning in the newly post-Pesach world. And there was no meat. At all. And the kitchen was only partially undone – while the counters were free of foil, the signs (“Do not open until after 9PM April 6th”) were gone and the drawers were untaped and rubberbanded, there were still Pesach pots and utensils around, including the Pesach dishdrainers. And one pot was crusted thickly with what looked like burned-on potatoes and onions.

I looked into the freezer and htere was a tray of frozen meatloaves. I would have put them in the oven but then I noticed that the oven wasn’t on. At all. No clock, no ignition, no lights. Because it was unplugged. Shulem took care of that – I used the time to do the shopping list. And I slid the meatloaf into the oven, and put up a pot of water for noodles – NOODLES! YAY! – and also filled the crusted pot with water to boil out the uck.

My big problem was the dishdrainer and the sink. The icky pot was pesadich and needed a pesadich sink. I was going to cook noodles – the essence of chometz – and drain them in the same sink. It took three boilings to do clean it enough and by that time I had to cook the noodles. I basically decided to not let the Pesach pot touch the now chometz sink.

Eventually, we found the chometz dishdrainers, and I found my chometz cutting board and big stockpot (which I had kashered for passover, but needed tomorrow), and I cooked the noodles. I got the icky post cleaned, I nuked some cauliflower, and got things portioned out. Then I left. Nice and early. Tomorrow, though? Overtime.

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