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Working Cook April 1, 2010 (for realzzz)

I have no shame, clearly.

Okay, in the real world, cooking today was a matter of finding something to cook. I’m going to shop on my way there tomorrow.

I found turkey stew. I found sweet potatoes. Oh, boy, did I find matzos. I also found three individuals home for the day. Papa, who is a good dresser every day, had on a very sharp lapelless jacket. Because it’s still Pesach, after all.

I got the frozen meats into a stew pot with some water and left to purchase the veggies I needed. I went to a store I knew would clean for Passover instead of the Russian place on the corner. They also simply have nicer veggies. I got the standard mirepoix. I should also have gotten mushrooms.

I peeled and chopped the carrots and onions and diced the celery, and then cubed a bunch of peeled sweet potatoes. I let that simmer. Added what spices I still have.

Then saute’d onions and celery until they were soft, and crumbled a box of machine matzoh. This I mixed with eggs and salt and pepper, and called it farfel kugel. I baked this.

I also helped one of the counselors make matzoh brei.

Tomorrow, Shabbat and two yom tovs.

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