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Working Cook March 26, 2010

Friday morning dawned with a Pesadich home kitchen (mostly) and a nose that was NOT imitating a faucet anymore.  This made life so much easier.

Once at work, I looked into the kitchen freezer and realized that none of our gefilte fish logs were kosher for passover.  Also, our turkey roasts were frozen and I didn’t have enough bones for soup and I was going nuts.  I did, however, stop to shop on the way in, so I had tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, onions and parsley.  I got what bones and chicken legs I had, and put them in my newly kashered stock pot, and I put the turkey roasts in the oven on a relatively low temp (350 – low for me) so that they’d cook properly.

Then I realized I’d cut a finger at some point – do not ask me when. I’d already peeled my left thumb and cut my left forefinger on a food chopper blade (at which point I’d stopped for lunch, since I was clearly tired) on Thursday, but the tiny cut on my left ringfinger is a mystery.  It stung, though, so I went to the office to get a band-aid. 

I usually go to the office to check the freezer to see what Mendy needs or what food I have available.  So I did.  And I found kosher for passover fish and what I needed to make chicken soup.  I piled it all in my apron to take back to the kitchen, singing in my relief.

And then I wondered why I checked the freezer in the first place – and went back for the band-aid I’d forgotten.  🙂

I made six servings of baked tomatoes and two matzo quiches for Mendy, and that plus a cup of the soup I was cooking would do it for Mendy’s pesach needs.  Meanwhile, I thawed (double wrapped in a chometz microwave) all the ground bird I could find.  See, it’s a minhag to avoid all roasted meat on the first night of Passover, as well as all lamb, to avoid the appearance of eating the sacrifice we can no longer do.  (This is Ashkenazi Orthodox custom. Other groups have lamb STEW, and some even have roasted lamb for the seder.)  My family doesn’t believe turkeys look like lamb, so we do have roast turkey our first night.

So, I made meatballs in tomato sauce for the seder meals. Eventually.

Because I had to do the veggies for the fish and I had to make a huge potato kugel, which meant peeling and handgrating over twenty pounds of potatoes.  And take care of the soup properly and then add the veggies to that.  And cook eggs for egg salad.  And then Israeli salad.  And then I was going to make farfel kugel but it was almost 4PM and I was exhausted.  I know that because I gashed my left thumb while cutting tomatoes.  I have four band-aids on my left hand right now, two on my thumb alone.

I do not go back to work until Thursday, by which time my hand will have healed.

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