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Working Cook March 19 and March 22, 2010

Went to a convention this past weekend, so doing another combined post.

They were still kashering the Kerem kitchen, so I went to work in Keshet on Friday.  I was a trifle worried because I was planning on making an apple kugel and I wasn’t sure I had all the ingredients, but it turned out I did – including flour and vanilla.  The apples, of course, were in Ruach waiting for me.  The Ruach guys just love it. 

I finished the chicken soup, and tossed in a half bag of noodles, and cooked two turkey roasts, two whole roast chickens (a big hit, as it happens), potatoes and onions (thinly sliced peeled potatoes, julienned onions, salt, pepper and oil) and the apple kugel, and made a large Israeli salad.  This time, though, I used dried parsley. 

And Yossi came home at the wrong time for me.  I had to take the food cooling on the dining table and put it back into the kitchen, and then chain the door closed – Yossi will touch and throw things if they’re in reach.  It got warm in that kitchen even though the upper part of the door was open. 

When I left, Mendy, Yossi and Papa were outside enjoying the lovely weather, watched over by one of the Shabbos staff, who was also doing a crossword puzzle.  I helped with a couple of clues and I went on home.

Monday, I got a call from Shulem – come in late so they can finish the kitchen.  I was not averse, since even though I pretty much slept most of Shabbat, I was still short – I stayed up late and woke up earlier than I should on Sunday and didn’t sleep much on Monday for other reasons.  And I had to return the rental car anyway.  I contacted my cleaning person to come in later – she was going to do my fridge, oven and cabinets for Pesach. It makes a huge difference, especially now that I’m working five days a week.

I ended up cooking in Keshet anyway.  I made a basic dinner only – chicken fillets in duck sauce, baked potatoes (no real choice, since I had NO knives – my knife was home, the Kerem knives were put away and the Keshet knives are under lock and key, since the individuals in that house are mobile.)  I also cooked some cauliflower.  Otherwise, I looked over Mendy’s menu and did a shopping list.  Tomorrow – pesach time in Kerem.  I hope there are decent knives.  If not, I’ll get some.  I’m also taking my uniforms in a shopping bag instead of my backpack.  I’ll let you, my lovely readers, know how I get on.

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