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Working Cook March 18, 2010

Today, joy of joys, I had to work in a different kitchen – they were in process of cleaning my normal work kitchen for Passover – cabinets empty, contents  spread out.

I gathered what I needed (it took several trips as the meal, etc, took shape) and took it to the other first floor apartment, Keshet.  They had limited cooking utensils, but I did find my long missing ladle (I’ve been using fleishig coffee cups.)  And they didn’t need it – they had a perfectly good fleishig ladle anyway.  After Pesach, I’m stealing it back.

Also, they never did my grocery order this week.  Well, Mendy needed nothing but soup, so I made soup – out of chicken legs instead of bones.  And I made meatballs in tomato sauce.  All using my normal utensils in a different kitchen. I had the additional challenge of no hot water, which made washing up fun.  I even boiled water in the teakettle to make it easier.  They did the repair work (there was a leak in the basement) in time for the major clean up, which made it easier.

I gave Shulem my Pesach grocery list and we discussed which sugar-free products might be available kosher l’pesach.  I should practice matzo balls.

Tomorrow – stay in new kitchen or cook pesadich.  Or both.  We’ll see.

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