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March 15 and March 16, 2010

No excuses about yesterday.  I’m very sorry, my lovely readers.

We’re all still tired of split pea soup, so I made beef vegetable soup instead.  I still based it on cholent meat, with standard mirepoix, but I also added orzo and chopped potato, and since I had to go out to buy the onions and the celery, I also got a bunch of parsley, and I added that, too. And then I put in a couple cans of tomato sauce and a can of black beans.

I cooked eggs for egg salad and also made a tuna salad.  I also made broccoli.  For dinner, I made noodles (gotta use up the noodles) and I made turkey-and-chicken burgers.  I mixed them with spices and a little oil, and fried them in oil before putting them in the oven to finish cooking.  I cooked green beans as well.

I also had a talk with Michelle (as she ate a couple of turkey burgers and some noodles) and she said that I don’t have to worry about any special minhagim when it comes to Mendy. In other words, I can use “gebrokts” – matzo meal products – and I can use any non-kitniyot vegetable, peeled or not. This makes it all so much easier. His only chometz meals involve one serving of couscous or macaroni and cheese, or cake. His only kitniyot are one serving of green beans and one serving of peas. It’s easy enough for ONE week.

Today was even easier – there are so many leftovers, all of which should be eaten, that I didn’t bother with dinner tonight. Instead, I just cooked for Mendy – tilapia, corn salad (another kitniyot dish that needs to be replaced), green beans, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. I tried to limit how much I cooked because even the non-kitniyot was made on non-Pesach utensils.

They’re cleaning my work kitchen tonight. Tomorrow, everything I make will be pesadich.

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