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Working Cook March 11 and March 12, 2010

I had a busy Thursday night. My apologies, lovely readers.

I made my chicken soup, of course, and boiled eggs.  Dinner was baked tilapia and sweet potato wedges.  And Mendy got broccoli as well as egg salad. I wasn’t feeling great that day, but I was there and dinner had to be made, so I made dinner.  And I steamed peas and carrots.  I also made baked potatoes for Mendy.

Friday.  Friday was fun, as usual.  I finished the soup by adding vegetables and chicken – earlier in the week, I’d made chicken for Mendy but I’d made too much.  So I froze the leftovers just for this purpose – to add sauted, flavored ground chicken to the Shabbos soup.  I found some fresh dill, so I chopped that and added it to the soup, too.  Came out NICE.  I baked chicken breast filets and drumsticks for  dinner – I made a lot even though the Ruach guys weren’t going to be there.  This was “salad dressing chicken” – chicken cooked with oregano, garlic,  red wine vinegar and olive oil.   I also made an apple kugel, using a recipe and a half.  I’ve gotten fairly good at apple kugels.  I won’t eat them myself, but people seem to like them.  I made my normal Israeli salad, although I had to buy the cucumbers and the tomatoes.  And, of course, I made gefilte fish.

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  1. saraid
    March 14, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    i have to laugh a little, i hope you aren’t offended…i don’t eat fish, but many members of my family (shay!) love it, and i love sharing this little story; we were watching dirtiest jobs last year and mike (the unfortunate host) was doing a bit on fish farms. the bit that stood out was when they were feeding the fish. they had bass and tilapia on the farm, right? so, they feed the bass fish food and they feed the tilapia… the bass poop. gather it up and feed it to ’em. and i’m so glad i don’t eat fish…

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