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Working Cook March 10, 2010

First I did when I got to work was to check if my grocery order came in (it did, except for the potatoes) and what I needed for Mendy (Potatoes.)  Yeah, well, that turned out to be a non-problem.

However, when I finished the checking, I went to my bag to get out my whites.  Because, you know, I’d taken the dirty set out of the backpack and it in the laundry and got a clean set and put it right next to me on the table ready to go in the backpack once I finished breakfast (note – breakfast now includes lisinopril before and baby aspirin, which is now called low-dose adult aspirin because only adults take it.  No one gives kids aspirin anymore.  Not sure why – old bp med was working – 113/73 – but so it was decreed.  And I was so happy being down to one pill and an injection.) 

The problem was that I didn’t put the clean whites into the backpack.  And I hated the idea of cooking without them – and worse, washing up without them.  I want both, but I would have been fine with either a jacket or an apron.  And there was a solution.  One that would solve the potato problem, too.

I got the fish in the oven (touch of soy sauce, garlic powder, oil, paprika) and left to shop.  There’s a store on Ave M I pass by every day. It sells a little of everything, from cookware to sewing/knitting needs.  Including, you see, plain bib aprons.  So I bought one. As I did, I remembered something from many years ago – a woman in that store handing an open package to a store worker to get dunked.

See, metal and glass utensils have to be dunked in a ritual bath before they can be used, even if they’ve never been used before.  (There’s more than that, but this is enough for this post.)  A ritual bath can be as simple as a natural rain-fed body of water, or as complex as the systems used to make them indoors.  And some are big, for adult human beings, and some are small for utensils.

And when I asked the clerk, she said that, yes, the store did indeed have a mikveh.  And I’ve been wanting a semi-decent knife for dairy for my work kitchen.  I found one that looked…okay.  I mean, it’s a cheap thing and it weighs nothing, and it cost about $5, but it’s still better than what I had.  And I could dunk it right away.  I have no idea when I’ll be using it, but that’s okay.  It’s there.

I bought eight small redskin potatoes and that was solved.  I got back, tied on the apron (in back.  I prefer to bring the strings around and forward, but that’s not something home cooks like) and washed the potatoes before putting them in doubled containers and in the oven.  And then I started peeling and wedging sweet potatoes.  By the time I was half way done, the fish was ready. 

I tossed the sweet potato wedges with oil, salt, cinnamon and sugar, and put them in the oven.  In a half hour, I took out the white potatoes, smushed them a little with a spoon, topped them with American cheese (why they were double wrapped – one of Mendy’s dairy meals), and covered and labeled them. 

I did some washing up and put a package of broccoli in the microwave.  And then I had nothing to do until the sweet potatoes cooked.

I read Peter Pan.  It’s amazingly dark, you know.  And sexual, too.

Got things put away, covered, portioned, etc.  As I was about to leave (30 minutes early), Shulem met me and we started talking Pesach.  We need to know how to adapt Mendy’s diet according to his needs, the halachot of the holiday and his own family and community’s customs, and what the other guys need.

I’m going to have learn to cook without matzo meal and with only fruits/vegetables that can be peeled.

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  1. The Never Fairy
    March 12, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Oh yes! There’s a LOT more going on in Peter Pan than one might think at first!

    There’s a book out based on Barrie’s own idea to continue Pan’s adventures… click here to see!


    • March 16, 2010 at 5:09 pm

      I’ve known this for years – not only is it dark, but there’s a whole sexual undertone, too.

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