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Working Cook March 4 and March 5, 2010

Thursday is, as always, chicken soup day.  I also decided to make fish for dinner, and the Ruach guys want apple kugel.  I got the soup up, put the fish in the oven (this time, I used slices of tomato, too), and got the apples from their fridge.  Got them peeled, made the batter (I’m measuring the flour and sugar, and eggs are eggs, but everything else?  HAH.)  I let the batter rest while I sliced the apples.  Tossed the slices with cinnamon and sugar, mixed them with the batter and baked it.

By this time, the fish was done.

Then I took potatoes, peeled them and sliced them and tossed them with julienned onions, oil, salt and pepper and baked them.  Mendyness meant eggs and the soup. Also steamed some cauliflower.

Friday means finishing the soup, cooking four loaves of gefilte fish, enough chicken for everyone (chicken breast filets, drumsticks and leg quarters), a veggie, a starch and a salad.  I seasoned the chicken with parsley, garlic, lemon juice and oil.  My potatoes from yesterday were still around, so I put them in the oven to warm.  I had a lot of fresh zucchini, so I stewed that with onions and tomato sauch.  I was out of cucumbers, so I made a tomato salad instead.  Thin slices of tomato, julienned onion, finely chopped celery center (what I had), fresh parsley chopped fine, oil, lemon juice, salt.  Plenty of food, in fact.

Mendy got pureed broccoli and portioned out sugar-free apricot roll.  And I left before anyone came home.  YAY!

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