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Working Cook March 1, 2010

Finally, a month I can spell easily! 

Today started with a trip to my doctor’s for bloodwork.  I was originally supposed to go on Sunday, but Sunday was Purim, so I moved it back to Friday.  Friday, we had a blizzard.  I walked to work, but didn’t need the extra hassle.  I went today.  (Just as side note – they didn’t weigh me, but I was alone in a room with a scale while waiting for my EKG. Which meant I was wearing a skirt, underwear and a pair of hats.  I had to take that opportunity.  I lost about six pounds in the past month.)

Anyway, I had to stop to have breakfast because the bloodwork is taken fasting.  I endulged in a kosher Dunkin’ Donut veggie sausage and egg coissant, which came with a cup of coffee.  I never actually drank that coffee, because I decided to take it with me to work.  It leaked, and fell through the paper bag.  I bought another cup at a kosher pizza place en route, and carried it in my hand, not a bag.

So I managed to get to work only a half hour late.  Gave myself a shot and went to work.  Of course, I made split pea soup.  I also got out ground beef (ten pounds!) and ground chicken.  I decided the chicken can wait until tomorrow.  Got the soup started, got the beef defrosting.  Got the peeled, chopped vegetables in the soup.  Decided I was making hambugers, not meatloaf.

I had a bad scare – I was totally out of the 8×8 aluminum foil pans I depend on.  We’d gotten a big order of household stuff, and I didn’t see a case of those pans, just the half-hotel sized pans I’d asked for.  But eventually, our janitor winnowed the order down and there the case was!  Happy birthday to me!

While the soup simmered and the ground beef melted, I took care of some Mendy needs – I portioned out some sugarfree cake, I portioned out some chicken soup, and I made tuna salad.  When the meat was ready, I mixed it with garlic and onion powders, corn flake crumbs, some oil and pepper.  I portioned it into burgers and slid them in the oven.  I also started a pot of water for noodles.  These I would mix with margarine, salt and pepper – very simple.  And I cooked some broccoli.

I froze a dozen cooked burgers, and I was done.  Finished at 1PM, which meant I really left about a  half hour EARLY given when I arrived.  And I even had a couple chances to just *sit*.  This was a good day.

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