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Working Cook February 25, 2010

I’m dreaming of a white…PURIM!  It was slushing out when I left the house today.  And I do mean slushing – it was just cold enough for big, wet flakes to form, but not warm enough for them to stick.  Instead, we had instant slush.  I usually don’t use an umbrella when it snows, but I did today.

Shulem was in the house, working the phone, in solvethisproblemNOW mode.  So I checked supplies and what was needed (Mendy needed egg salad, and while he didn’t NEED chicken breast, he was running a bit low.  And he needed soup.)  I had thawed ground chicken in the fridge, and I gathered up chicken drumsticks and bones from the freezer.  I got the herbs floating (best way to rid parsley and dill of grit and bugs and such – float it in water and a touch of surfactant.  I use dishsoap.  I use the tiniest amount of dish soap and sometimes I dump half the water out and refill it.  I want just a bit of foam.  The surfactant causes the unwanted stuff to fall off the herbs, and settle to the bottom.  Take a clear cup and scoop up a bit of  the surface water.  If it’s clear, the veg are clear.  Remove the herbs from the water.  Done.) and the chicken under water and simmering.

I also boiled water for eggs, and started a pot for rice.  Meanwhile, I skimmed the soup and added the herbs,and let it simmer.  I cooked a package of ground chicken for Mendy.  Not all of it went to Mendy – one of the nurses got some before I ground it.  I made a pot of sweet and sour chicken meatballs to go with the rice.

Meanwhile, I was put in charge of paying the guy who cleaned the lint pipe from the dryer in Keshet.  Mostly because Shulem didn’t know if there would be anyone else available.  As I had no plans to shop or anything,  that was fine.  Even better, he arrived as I was about to make the egg salad, so my hands weren’t covered with chicken uck.  One minor crisis – we use a handblender with a detachable blade unit to puree our dairy foods. Eggs are pareve, but the egg salad meal also contains yogurt, so I use dairy equipment. And the blade unit was nowhere to be found.  I mashed them with a potato masher.  And then I found the blade unit, hidden behind some counter wipes.  I finished with that. 

I portioned the soup, discovering that one more of Mendy’s soup containers was leaking.  Down to four.  Then I poured the rest into a smaller pot and dumped the debris.  In the fridge, finished tomorrow.  Portioned the rice and meatballs, and the other nurse came in looking for lunch.

Note. Today is a fast day.  Not so much in that house. Of course, I don’t fast anyway. 

She got a meatball and some rice, and was  happy.  I’m thinking seriously of fixing a lunch early on, so I can feed the nurses.  If they don’t eat it, the guys will.

I also got a request to make chicken patties again.  They seemed to be a hit. Then it was back into the slush for me.

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