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Working Cook February 23, 2010

Tuesday, as my lovely readers all know, is dairy day.  Well, it’s mostly dairy day. 

And every Tuesday, I want more and more to have separate sinks in my own home kitchen.  Because it makes life SO much easier, you see.  We tend to wash our cereal bowls in the bathroom.

I did my normal morning Mendy check – he needed sweet potatoes (none in the house and none in the little Russian grocery on the corner) sugar free cake (and that’s a story, my lovelies.  I’ll tell it after.), gefilte fish and couscous, plus corn salad.  I decided the other guys would get cheese ziti.  Even if I couldn’t find the ziti and lacked all veggies – I could buy them, right?

I got the water started for the fish.  This means I put water and salt into a small stock pot, and set it to boil.  This is for Mendy – he gets sugarfree gefilte fish I cook in plain salted water instead of with veggies.  I also started the water for the couscous.  Meanwhile, I weighed the corn (again, 60 grams?  Not huge.) and got it cooking in the microwave.  Got that ground up with mayo and spices and then portioned out.  I wonder what I can do, hors d’oeurves wise, with pureed corn?  Any ideas, my dears?

At this point, all plans became derailed – the groceries arrived. That’s a half-hour gone, but it’s also an influx of new ingrediants.  Got it all put away, and realized I had a bunch of frozen fish now, but about an hour to make cheese ziti.  Not really enough time.  So, plan change – now making baked tilapia.  And noodles. 

One major plus – I now have a dairy colander.  This means noodles are MUCH easier.  So I made noodles.  And baked tilapia.  While those cooked, I did some washing up and portioned out the coucous, the gefilte fish and the cake.

Oh, the cake.  A story.  Not exciting, I’m afraid.  Last week, since one of the counselors was taking Mendy out anyway, I asked her to get me sugarfree cake.  She bought two.  And then it turned out I didn’t need it yet.  And then people started eating it, so I wasn’t sure how to portion it out.  But I needed it and needed it today, and I didn’t want to go shopping anymore.  Therefore, I got the cake down, and got five Mendy-sized portions out.  So, that’s almost enough for a week.  I’m happy.

I tossed the noodles with oil, salt, pepper, onion powder and parsley.  And the head nurse wandered in, and left with a couple of filets and the noodles (and, oddly, some mayo) and said it was yummy.  Got things portioned out, and some cooked fish frozen, and two packages of meat thawing.  And left before 1PM.  YAY.

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