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Working Cook February 18, 2010

Today is Thursday.  Thursday means Mendy soup.  I gave my required hugs to Mendy, and said hi to the counselors, who wanted to know if I was going to make the same chicken I made on Monday.  That would be the fried chicken patties.  Wow.  Success.

I gathered what I needed – chicken bones and chicken breast fillets, plus tomato sauce, macaroni, frozen peas, dill and parsley, and a can of tuna.

Soup – bones and herbs.  Chicken fillets – to be partially thawed and cooked in pasta sauce.  Seriously easy, but yummy.  I got those started and then went out to get potatoes and other produce to make a potato kugel for the Ruach guys.  Skimmed the soup, added the herbs and let it simmer.

So, final tally of food – soup.  Chicken in tomatoes.  Frozen peas ground and portioned. Frozen cauliflower steamed.  Whole wheat macaroni portioned.  Tuna salad.  So why didn’t I leave until 1:45PM?

I blame Yo Gabba Gabba and Miss Spider and Maury Povich. Too much tv for one day.  🙂

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