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Working Cook February 8, 2010

They’re predicting snow on Wednesday. I want to leave a fully stocked house on Tuesday, just in case I don’t make it in.  If I can walk it, though, I’ll be there.

I am so tired of making split pea soup.  I can’t tell you how tired – the only thing I’m more tired of is chicken soup, but that’s not going away soon.  Or, really, at all.  Not if I want to A. feed Mendy or B. keep my other guys happy.  So, today I made mushroom barley, which is also nice on a winter’s day. 

I got ground chicken, ground turkey and ground beef out of the freezer (as well as stew meat for the soup.)  I decided the dish of the day would be ziti, even though we had no ziti in the house.  And, with Shulem helping, I got four bags of frozen zucchini.

I chopped every onion in the house – half for the soup, half for the ziti.  I added carrots, celery and turnip to the soup (plus the mushrooms) and green pepper for the ziti.  I got the meat browning and added the veggies and some oil.  And then left to buy the ziti plus some sugar-free cake. 

Meanwhile, Shulem was in an organizing mood (I’m happy when that happens, because my life gets easier.)  I now have a shelf in the freezer just dedicated to frozen veggies, and I know what I have and need.

And Shlomo came in with sushi and offered me some – a “golden california” roll, and a sweet potato roll. Sushi is about the rice,  not the fish, and both were nice.  But I do like me some raw tuna or salmon.  Or mackerel.  🙂  Shulem hates sushi, so it was hilarious when he saw it.

I put the tomato product in the ziti, with extra water, and then added the ziti pasta directly to the sauce.  I like doing that – it adds body to the sauce and means one fewer pot.  It does lead to overcooked pasta, though, so that’s a factor.

Meanwhile, I cooked the ground chicken, and ground it and then the zucchini, and made some cauliflower, and then some tuna salad (out of last week’s frozen tuna.)  Tomorrow is dairy and fish, but I’ll make some chicken salad, too.

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