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Working Chef February 5, 2010

Not feeling my best right now, so this may be a bit perfunctory.

Got Thursday’s stock out of the fridge and turned it into soup by adding vegetables.  Other than the carrots, I left them in large chunks so I could remove them. Friday it was just going to be noodles.  I also started the gefilte fish – three for upstairs, one for down.  I had mostly thawed chicken fillets, so those went into the oven, after I tossed them with oil, salt, pepper and herbs. 

After I got those settled, I started the potato kugel – peeling potatoes, grating onions, grating the potatoes, adding salt and pepper, matzo meal, oil and eggs. At this point, the chicken was done, so I had room for the kugels.  Took the fish out of the poaching liquid.  Washed the pot, started the water for the noodles.  Found some broccoli to steam.

This is when things got messy.  Not for me – I was totally under control.  Oh, I was behind schedule, but nothing major or hard to do.  But the Shabbos personnel didn’t show.  And didn’t show. I was getting concerned because it was about 12:30, which was when a bright-eyed young couple usually showed up.

I started on the Israeli salad.  I was short on tomatoes, so after I finished that, I had a fair amount of cucumber leftover.  I sliced that up and added julienned onions, vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and sugar – cucumber salad.  Mendy came home. Ilyushka came home.  Shulem was going nuts looking for someone who could take care of Mendy – seems there was a mix-up for dates.  And Nosson came downstairs to both talk to Shulem, who had NO time, and to take food upstairs.  That was a huge help.  But he really, really wanted apple kugel.  Shulem found a moment, so I took the gefilte fish upstairs myself, and yes.  Apple kugel. Please.  🙂

I also took food over to Keshet, because again, there was no one I could tell to do otherwise.  They were pleased.  And our janitor stayed overtime to watch the individuals until the staff that Shulem found could show up.

I left, with all the food deliveries, 45 minutes late.  Not so bad.

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