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Working Cook February 3, 2010

Ah, another gingery day.  🙂

Gotta get out of the house earlier.  I don’t mind working the full 3 hours, even if it I have to leave later, but I feel off. I used to get there EARLY.  Sigh.

It didn’t help that I stopped into a supermarket to pick up frozen peas I needed and tuna that I didn’t, and then stopped to buy ginger.

So, as Shulem told me, I needed make peas, sweet potatoes and tuna salad.  Well, he didn’t talk about tuna salad, but it was still true.  I didn’t need the tuna because I had eight cans in the pantry.  Apparently, we had a second delivery of supplies.  So, peas in the microwave, tuna on the counter (good plan – meant I didn’t forget them) and chicken cutlets and sweet potatoes in the oven.  Then a dose of ginger and I decided to make beef vegetable soup.

Cut up stew meat into spoon-sized cubes and put that in “my” big pot (warning, folks.  I get very proprietary and territorial.  It’s MY kitchen and those are MY pots.)  Cut up the veggies – carrots, onions, celery.  Your standard mirepoix.  My standard mirepoix. Everyone’s standard mirepoix.  Added tomato sauce and a can of beans, and water and let it simmer.  I ground up the peas – there was enough left over for Misha, too. 

Goofed up the tunafish – opened six cans instead of three.  I’m blaming this on the nausea and not feeling right.  See, I use two eggs for each egg salad, right?  So, in my head, one egg=one can. So for three tuna salads, I’d need six cans, right?  Only, not so much.  I took the extra tuna and froze it.  I’ll thaw it for next week’s batch.  I also pureed the tuna and mayo in a flat pan instead of the beaker.  Worked REALLY well – better, less waste and easier to clean.  Win.

Meanwhile, I took the chicken cutlets and the sweet potatoes out of the oven.  I pierced the skin of the sweet potatoes so they’d cool faster and then peeled and wedged the remaining four sweet potatoes, tossed them with oil, salt and cinnamon and put them in the oven, and microwaved a bag of cauliflower.  Then I took the skins of the baked sweet potatoes and mashed them with the same flavorings and made six portions. 

Between everything, I finished about 15 minutes after 1, which is perfect.  I managed to be there when Misha showed up early (he had an appointment) and then to deliver Keshet’s food to actual people, where I was told to make chicken soup (which I do, but they don’t get) and to not serve spinach as a vegetable, but rather mixed in a kugel.  It messed with the individuals’ digestion.  Works for me.

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