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Working Cook January 29 and February 1 2010

Things are interesting right now in my world.  See, I’m a type II diabetic, and my numbers could have been better.  So my doctor switched me from metformin to Byetta. Byetta is an injection, but is NOT insulin.  And among its side-effects is nausea.  Mostly lasting about two weeks.

I started this on Friday, so I’m well within the first week of this.  Friday wasn’t bad – I’m not sure I did the injection right.  Today was miserable, with antacids being the only thing that worked even mildly.  I’ve since found something effective, but work was not fun today.  Raw ginger is a miracle.

Friday was, of course, Friday.  That’s gefilte fish, chicken soup, noodles, some kind of kugel, steamed veg and a protein. This time, it was noodle kugel (the individuals upstairs had their apple kugel) and turkey roast.  I like turkey roast.  Oh, and Israeli salad.  I had to buy the tomatoes and cucumbers, but that was all right.  I considered making  cranberry sauce but the cranberries were rotten. I roasted some tomatoes for Mendy.

Today, working through the fog of nausea, and doing it in slow motion, I made both Mendy and regular food, plus I had some left for Misha.  So.  Ground turkey for Mendy (and Misha.)  Broccoli for Mendy. Gefilte fish for Mendy.  Mendy gets no-sugar-added gefilte fish (it’s sweetened with Splenda. Ick.  For the being sweet.) which I cook in plain salted water as opposed to a light veg stock of carrots, onions and celery.  It’s surprisingly edible.  Rice for everyone else.  Meatballs (mostly ground turkey with some ground beef, all defrosted today) cooked in duck sauce for everyone else.  Steamed green beans for Yossi.  And my weekly split pea soup, this time made with turkey necks.

I’m getting tired of the split pea soup.  🙂

Tomorrow, I have something special that I’ll blog about afterwards.

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  1. saraid
    February 2, 2010 at 1:19 am

    hey – i didn’t note that you’re taking anything for the nausea… because i deal with nausea daily, sometimes to a level that incapacitates me, and i’m allergic to the normal anti-nausea drugs like phenergan and tygan, so i take a stronger one, Ondansetron, ad it works, really, really well, with no side effects that i’ve noticed. there’s no reason to suffer; you should ask your doctor for something to help. i’ve found that with the fibro and everything, the nausea is the thing that slows me down the most.

    • February 2, 2010 at 1:29 am

      It’s a drug side effect from the Byetta. I would rather not take even more – and the nausea will go away in a month or so anyway. It’s bad the first two weeks and gone after four.

      Ginger works. I love ginger.

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