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Working Cook February 2, 2010

The ginger helped a lot today.  Still, I can’t wait to get used to the Byetta.

Got to work 15 minutes late – needed to take a shower, needed to eat breakfast (I NEVER skip breakfast. I’ve said this before, but I will repeat it.  No one should ever.  You will lose more weight if you’re dieting, and you will feel better.  I’m serious), needed to inject nasty drug.

No one was there when I arrived.  I looked around to see what I needed to make for the day. Needed tuna, needed peas, needed zucchini.  No tuna, no peas, no zucchini.  Yeah, not too good.  I also needed corn salad and egg salad, but there I was good – I had frozen corn and I had eggs.  I also had tilapia.  So.

I made three packages of frozen tilapia – seasoning salt plus parsley, baked at 350°F.  Yes, I know.  That’s not like me to keep the oven so low, but for frozen fish, it made sense.  I like extremes, but this was not the time.  I also put up a pot of water for eggs and had fun with weighing corn.  You know something?  120 grams of corn is really, really small.  60 grams (the serving we give Mendy) is even smaller.  Pureed is smaller yet.  Poor Mendy. But better to know. 

I also went next door to borrow a larger dairy pot, and took the time to speak to Michelle, who was listening to truly cool music. She’s a hiphop fan, and used to dance to it all the time, but she got some sort of illness that she drops hints about, and now she can’t. Sometimes she even shows up with a cane.  She also put on weight, which does happen to very active people who suddenly stop.  I’m not particularly a hiphop fan – if I’d been braver in high school and college, I would have been a rocker chick.  But I liked what she was playing.  We talked about weight vs. volume.  I think she got it, and she’s glad I’m concerned about this. I figure it’s part of the job.  I was also a bit frustrated –  my mp3 player ran out of juice early, so I was without anything to listen to.

I peeled and cut up some potatoes to boil for Mendy.  And then the groceries arrived.  And I seem to have cracked the code, because I got exactly the vegetables I wanted in the quantities I wanted.  And there was zucchini.  But no tuna (which I’d ordered) and no peas (which I hadn’t ordered.)  I got everything put away, but while I was doing it, the alarm rang for the eggs.  I put the pot in the sink and ran water over them and finished up with the groceries.

Meanwhile, Michelle walked in, hungry.  So out of the five eggs I’d cooked, three of them went to Michelle, and I started a new pot of water for a second batch of eggs.  Not really a problem, but funny.  I have no problem feeding staff.  I made the corn salad. This time, I used a bowl instead of beaker for the handheld blender, and it worked better. Still, even with mayo, NOT a lot of food.

The potatoes were cooked, so I drained them and mashed them with some salt and white pepper, and portioned them out.  I’d also put two bags of zucchini in the microwave.  I washed the potato pot and filled it with water to cook noodles. Tilapia was done, so out it came.  Ground and portioned the zucchini, flavoring it with salt, garlic powder and oil.  Got four cups.  Microwaved a bag of spinach.  At this point. Jacob (a counselor) and Inna (a nurse) appeared.  Mendy had a check-up, and they needed to prepare – to feed him lunch, get his dinner, get their own food and drive him to Manhattan.

Inna got two tilapia fillets and some spinach.  The noodles were cooked. I flavored them with salt, pepper and oil.  Portioned them, too.  And then I washed up.

I managed to finish at 1PM, so not bad.  This was important because I had an appointment at 1:30.

What was the appointment?  A job interview.  HASC (Hebrew Academy for Special Children), where my own brother spent several years, wants a cooking teacher.    If I get it, it would be once a week, for about 75 minutes, doing light, creative vegetarian dishes that maximize participation by the consumers (their name for the people they serve.)  I seem to have a conflict in vision with one level, so we shall see.  If I get this, I’ll be thrilled. If I don’t, *fine*.   It’s all good.

I’ll let my lovely and brilliant readers know when I find out.

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  1. Joseph Charpak
    February 3, 2010 at 10:55 am

    Good Luck with the interview!

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